10 Surprisingly Handy Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil Around the House

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Tea tree oil is an amazing product that has multiple uses whether it be to help fight acne or dandruff, or clean areas around the house. Tea tree is a naturally occurring oil that comes from the leaves of trees that grow in Australia. What makes tea tree oil such an effective cleaning agent is the fact that antimicrobial. There is evidence that it can help eliminate acne breakouts, and therefore, can help sanitize areas of the home as well. The Woman’s Day magazine website has an article by Maria Carter and Katina Beniaris, which identifies ten surprisingly handy ways to use tea tree oil in the home. Several of these are cleaning measures for the home.

When it comes to household cleaning tips, tea tree oil isn’t likely to come to mind, but it is an ideal product for getting rid of bacteria on household surfaces. One thing the Woman’s Day article shows how to make for all your cleaning purposes is a homemade cleaning spray. The spray consists of water, vinegar and tea tree oil, which means it is excellent for using on multiple surfaces of the home. Consider mixing a batch and spraying on tables, walls or doors, or anywhere else that needs a sprucing up. Just don’t use as a kitchen cleaner, since it can be toxic when consuming by mouth. Since you prepare food in the kitchen that your family consumes, tea tree oil isn’t the best cleaning product to use there. If you prefer non toxic cleaners in other parts of the home, though, while tea tree isn’t non-toxic, it is a beneficial solution for areas in the home that people are less likely to come in contact with. It also isn’t toxic to the skin, especially if kept in small doses.

Another area that tea tree oil is beneficial is in cleaning away mold buildup. Many are familiar with the dangers of mold in your home, but it isn’t always clear on how to get rid of it. One of the ways tea tree oil can be used to remove mold from home is by adding some to an oil diffuser. The oil will supposedly help eliminate mold from the atmosphere. Tea tree oil is also ideal to use in bathtub cleaning because of its antiseptic properties. Simply mix the tea tree oil into your usual homemade cleaning solution, which uses vinegar, baking soda and water, and scrub stains and soap residue away. If there is any mold build-up in the bathtub or shower, the tea tree oil will help eradicate it.

With the multiple uses of tea tree oil, it is no wonder that it is growing as a favorite product to use for household cleaning.

The tea tree oil can kill mold and sanitize surfaces while being safe to use in small amounts. Thank you, Woman’s Day magazine’s website, for sharing their list of 10 surprisingly handy ways to use tea tree oil around the house. Check out their list for even more unique ways to use it.

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