11 Duct Tape Tips that you may just find super handy

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Duct tape is a lifesaver, and it definitely makes our lives easier. It comes in handy for some of the most incredible things. That's why most people always have a roll or even a few rolls of this stuff around just in case they need it. It's super flexible and strong with a very sticky glue that can adhere to pretty much anything. You might already use duct tape around your home for various hacks and tasks, but there are even more simple life hacks that you can use duct tape for. Jillee from One Good Thing By Jillee shares her simple life hacks for duct tape on her website. While there are infinite ways, you can use duct tape she lists some of her favourite ways to use it. Some people even make clothing and accessories out of this stuff which is pretty creative, but these hacks are for practical uses. The first one she shares with us is that you can fix a tent with duct tape. So if you're out camping or hiking, it's always a good idea to keep some of this stuff on hand. If you don't have enough room to carry an entire roll around with you, you can just use a piece of flat cardboard to wrap the tape around so that it folds flatter.

If you have a hole in your tent duct tape can work as a patch for the hole until you can have it fixed. While you're camping or hiking, you're also prone to getting splinters too which duct tape can actually take care of for you. Just take the tape and place it on the splinter and press it down. Then slowly peel the tape back. Keep trying until it comes out. You can even use duct tape as a bandaid if you run out or forget to pack some. Just put down some cloth over your cut or blister and tape it in place with the duct tape. In your yard, you can also use duct tape to patch holes up, so the water doesn't leak out. Even if you don't want to make an entire outfit out of duct tape as some people have done, you can use duct tape hem your pants or skirts until you're ready to sew it up properly. If you have pets at home, their hair can get stuck on everything, so use your super sticky duct tape as a diy lint roller. Did you know that if you wrap your winter boot insoles with duct tape or buy some cheap insoles and wrap them in tape the reflective surface will keep your feet warmer longer?

It turns out that you can even use duct tape to get rid of warts. Just put a small piece of the tape over the wart and leave it for a week or so. The tape will seal up the wart cutting off the oxygen to it, and it will die. Leave it on for at least 6 days, and then you can remove it and see if your wart is still there. If it is, sand it down with a file and repeat the process until it's gone. If you'd rather not buy those foot covers for your furniture just make some out of duct tape, so your floors don't get scratched. These are just some of the great simple life hacks that can make our lives easier by using simple duct tape. You can find duct tape at any home improvement store and even at the dollar store usually. Try out all of these simple life hacks and see how they work for you.***

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