20 Awesome Christmas Crafts You Can Do In Under An Hour

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These diy ideas and fun projects to do use simple materials that you already have around the house to get you ready for the holidays in style. These diy cool projects are fun and easy to do, you can get the kids involved or do them yourself. Making your own holiday crafts are excellent ideas for gifts or to add some holiday charm around the house. It's always fun to make something on your own, not only do you save money, but it's plenty of fun to. Some of the diy crafts for home use simple materials such as wood, mason jars, candy canes, wine bottles, and potatoes. You won't need any special skills to make these diy ideas, and everyone is sure to ask where you got your unique decorations and accessories.

Some of the diy crafts for the home include lovely peppermint striped candlesticks. These candlesticks have a shabby chic touch that will add appeal to any holiday display around the house. A candy cane centerpiece uses simple candy canes and a bow to hold a beautiful holiday flower arrangement, and you won't believe how easy it is to do. A wine bottle display uses wine bottles to make a winter display that makes a stunning winter display for the holidays. The steps in this do it yourself craft is super easy to follow to make these a craft of your own. Another of the diy cool projects is the mason jar candles; these mason jar candles can be decorated with any seasonal design that you choose. The steps for this do it yourself craft is easy to follow so that you can make all sorts of designs. Another fun craft is the potato stamping cards, a project the kids will especially love, and all you need is some paint and a potato. You will also find a diy idea for a recipe cutting board, an excellent gift idea that is touching with a personalized cutting board. For this craft idea, you will need to use wood burning to trace the favorite handwritten food recipe onto the wooden cutting board surface for a long lasting keepsake, or you will need to find an artist to do this for you. Cinnamon stick candles are another way to add visual appeal to your holiday home along with the hint of aroma to your home. These fun holiday ideas will have you thinking outside of the box and looking at simple household materials that can be recycled and used for other projects.

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