33 Awesomely Cute Christmas Crafts

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There are more projects to do at home than you will know what to do with on this creative diy site. Here you will find a unique mix of over 33 awesomely cute Christmas crafts that can be made at home with family and friends for holiday ideas you will love. Several of the diy crafts use simple craft materials that you may already have at home such as cardboard, Christmas lights, ribbon, and buttons.

1. Sock Snowman diy idea that uses white woolen socks that are embellished with ribbon and buttons.

2. Lightbulb Christmas tree ornaments that use regular lightbulbs coated with crushed sugar.

3. String light wreath that uses different colored string lights to decorate a star that can be used around the house.

4. Paint brush Santa created by using a paintbrush with a red handle made to look like Santa, embellished with cotton and beads.

5. An adorable diy idea for a button Christmas tree that uses buttons in various shades of green to create a Christmas tree on a blank white cardboard surface.

6. Candy cane vase that uses candy canes glued to cardboard with a ribbon wrapped around.

7. Decorative pinecones attached to thick ribbons to form a holiday decoration for your doors.

8. Yarn ball wreath in rustic colors for a decorative addition to any holiday entrance.

9. A diy idea for milk jug reindeer that uses a simple milk jug with cut outs of colored paper for the details.

10. Photo magic diy idea that uses photos placed in mason jars surrounded by Christmas lights for memorable holiday decorations.

11. Advent Calendar.

12. Tin can ornament transform plain tin cans with colored paper.

13. Paper bulbs that use inexpensive styrofoam cups.

14. Holiday hair clips.

15. Angel ornaments that use old fashioned clothespins to create angels embellished with ribbons, lace, and glitter to put on top of the tree.

16. Do it yourself home project for Christmas stockings that use leftover fabric and paint sewn up in less than 15 minutes.

17. Gift tags that use brown grocery bags for a lovely vintage look.

18. Wooden snowflake.

19. Note crafts for cute notebooks from leftover paint chips.

20. Colorful gumdrop snowflakes that are edible.

21. Holly corsages.

22. Adorable diy idea for candy cane mice.

23. Sock Advent calendar that uses colorful socks hung from ribbons.

24. Cute toy ornaments project to do with toys like wooden ducks, toy soldiers, and teddy bears.

25. A do it yourself home project for cranberry garland that uses cranberries strung together with waxed floss.

26. Cookie cutter decorations.

27. Holly napkin holders made from colorful felt.

28. Diy idea for paper stars great for the Christmas tree or to decorate gifts.

29. Orange ornaments that use cut unpeeled oranges baked to make stiff.

30. Pipe cleaner ornaments for home or Christmas tree.

31. Pipe cleaner ornaments for the tree.

32. Paper snowflakes for windows, tree or to make into a holiday wreath.

33. Tinsel stars.

These fun projects to do at home are just some of the ideas you will find on the DIY Home Life site. You will also find diy and crafts, garden and outdoor, home improvement and so much more. **

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