4 FREE Tiny Home plans you can BUILD YOURSELF!

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The tiny house movement is extremely popular these days. One may wonder why initially, but upon further research will find that there are numerous benefits to a small house design. Yes, tiny homes can be very small and not the best for larger families, but there are more and more designs out there that could sleep more than two people. Tiny homes are more affordable than the average home, both regarding the cost of building, as well as for the long term. A regular home can cost several hundred thousand, while tiny homes are substantially less money. Tiny homes will also save you on your hydro bills because they are more energy efficient than larger spaces. A tiny home will also be safer for the environment because it will produce less carbon dioxide annually than with a normal-sized home. If you are convinced that a tiny home would be a terrific option, the website, Morning Chores, has a list of free unique small house plans you can build yourself.

If you want a tiny home with an attractive exterior, look no further than The Forest Rose Tiny House, which is number 18 on the list. This home proves that tiny homes can be multiple floors high. This one has two stories, one bedroom, one bathroom and an entire 440 square foot floor for the living space. This home would be perfect for a single person or couple.

Number 19 on the list is the Quartz Tiny House. This home is a little more traditional because it is all on one level. What makes this one of the best small home plans, though, is that it feels spacious while using storage effectively. The designer, Ana White, introduced wooden boxes which would function as storage and step stools in the tiny home. She also implemented some mechanics to move the bed during the day so it would be out of the way. Number 6 is the Solar House, which is perfect for the eco-conscious person. It also helps you be more self-sufficient since it has solar panels that will power the entire house. Solar panels are often a tall and expensive order for conventional homes because you need a lot of them to generate the kind of power required for a larger home. With a tiny home, solar panels are much more efficient.

The Rolling Bungalow is number 17 on the list. It is a cute 170 square foot home that is mobile. Its foundation is a trailer so that it is easy to move. It has a beautiful wooden interior and the functioning’s of a regular home, like a kitchen, bathroom, washing machine and living room. For more information on tiny homes, visit the Morning Chores website. They have another sixteen unique small house plans on their list, which you can download for free and use to build your dream tiny home. Each plan is varied between size and design; you will be sure to find something that is suitable for just you, or you and your family.

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