5 Stain-Fighting Laundry Tips

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Stains on clothes are the worst, you get something you love to wear and then before you know it, you spill something on it! Good thing there are these 5 Stain-Fighting Laundry Tips that you can use when you have something that gets on your clothing or your children's clothing that seems like it might leave a stain. Its just a part of life, we get food on our clothes while eating, pen, marker or paint while working, and sometimes oil, mud and grass stains. But it shouldn't be a huge deal to get out stains from your clothes! It should be something that we don't panic too much about, but we always seem to.

Luckily, there are some very easy things that you can do to prevent stains from setting into your clothes, before they get too bad. That is the key to getting out stains, you want to make sure that you treat them right away and don't leave the substance on the clothing for too long! This is a sure way to let the colours of the food, grass or whatever else it is, get into the fibres of the clothes and dye them a different colour. You should be able to get out any stain really, it's just a matter of how long its been on there.

If you are not at home, you can always just go to the bathroom and put at least some soap and cold water on it, even if you are out in public. Or if you are at a restaurant just ask for some baking soda or club soda to put on it. The other thing you don't want to do is just throw the garment in the wash before treating the stain, this can really set stains in for good. With these helpful tips, you can be stain free and keep your clothes for longer, head over to 'Mom on Time Out' by following the link in the section below!

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