7 Brilliant Tricks You'll Use Every Time You Clean Your Bathroom

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You will love these seven brilliant tricks you'll use every time you clean your bathroom; you will never think of bathroom cleaning the same way again. You can never have too many bathroom cleaning hacks, with the bathroom not being one of the most favorite rooms to clean. These simple bathroom cleaning hacks and natural cleaning products for the bathroom will have you thinking differently about how you clean. You'll find bathroom cleaning hacks for the following cleaning jobs.

1. Best way to clean bathroom windows

2. Shower cleaning dish wand trick.

3. Cleaning hard water stains off of bathroom faucets.

4. The best way to clean the toothbrush holder.

5. Best natural cleaning products for bathroom toilet cleaning.

6. Keeping your toilet brush clean.

7. Bathroom cleaning hacks for cleaning the dryer vent.

When it comes to natural cleaning products for bathroom floors, there is one natural floor cleaner recipe that works on a few different surfaces. White vinegar mixed with hot water is good for cleaning hardwood, linoleum, tiles and any washable surfaces in your bathroom or home. You do however want to avoid using white vinegar on natural stone as it can damage the finish. Another natural floor cleaner recipe uses one cup white vinegar, 1/4 cup of washing soda, a tablespoon of vegetable oil based liquid soap and hot water. Combine all of these ingredients making sure to dissolve the washing soda and mop as you normally wood. A natural floor cleaner recipe for wood floor wax uses base oil, vodka, grated beeswax, carnauba wax and lavender essential oil. Wax is a semi-solid which will help feed and seal the wood. For best results, you alway want to use a wax when the wood is dry. For this natural wax recipe you will need to melt the base oil and the waxes in a double boiler, and then remove from heat and add the vodka and essential oil and mix well. Then pour into a clean heat resistant container and allow to harden. You can then use a rag to rub into the wood. To remove scuff marks bathroom floors, you can try sprinkling some baking soda over the marks, then wipe with a warm, damp cloth. You can use this natural cleaning solution on no-wax floors also. To clean bathroom floors that have hardwood, linoleum, tiles and any other washable surfaces you can use some white vinegar and hot water and mop as you normally would. White vinegar can also be used to clean bathroom glass and mirrors. Just put some white vinegar and water into a spray bottle, give the bottle a shake and clean glass and windows like usual. Using a scrunched up newspaper to clean your bathroom glass and mirrors is a good way to avoid streaks.

These bathroom cleaning hacks and natural cleaning products for cleaning your bathroom can be found on the Household Hackers YouTube channel. On this video site, you will learn all sorts of cleaning tips and tricks that will save you time, money and teach you awesome and new ideas. **

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