7 Ways You Are Probably Cleaning Your Bathroom Wrong

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Okay, so cleaning is cleaning, right? So how can it be possible there are 7 ways youíre probably cleaning your bathroom wrong? First, because it is Readerís Digest talkiní here, just the oldest magazine in pretty much the world and trusted and loved around the world by plenty of people.

More than 70 million people receive this household magazine in about 40 countries and have done so for heading towards the 100-year mark now. I can remember my grandparents swore by this longstanding and time-honored publication. Itís a keeper, folks, so when Readerís Digest tells me there are seven ways I am messing up on my bathroom cleaning, I am happy to listen. More so, since I cannot stand a dirty bathroom.

Perhaps the best tip that Readerís Digest offers is to be sure to use the hottest water you can stand. I would add to wear gloves so you can really get that water hot. Be sure there are no little ones around to put sensitive fingers in to the hot water, though. Young skin burns easily. Also, let the water sit in your sink and tub before you clean. Add some cleaner, and let the whole mess just soak for a bit. That will really help to loosen up the dirt, and get things clean.

Do you clean your toothbrush regularly? Start. According to the Readerís Digest site your toothbrush can contain as many as 10 million germs including e-coli. Wow. Thereís an unexpected mouth shock for you. So be sure to rinse your toothbrush in vinegar or soda and let it sit a bit. When you finish brushing your teeth, at least at night, rinse your toothbrush under very hot water. And the best tip? Replace your toothbrush and those of your family members every few months.

According to Readerís Digest another favorite place to miss cleaning is behind the toilet. Be sure to reach back and get this spot clean. That includes both behind the tank and behind the chair. Use a rolled up old clothe moistened with cleaner for the back of the tank and just seesaw back and forth across the back. Readerís Digest also offers a way to reach this touch spot. The tank back is a place where moisture can accumulate and that can mean some really disgusting germs can start to grow. And who wants their family exposed to that?

We spend so much time carrying for our families. Let these simple tips and tricks help you do that more easily.

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