9 Simple Steps to Get rid of Ants

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When you find ants wandering into your home, your first thoughts will probably be to get them out of your home as fast as possible. While having ants in your home is unwanted, fortunately, ant control is much easier than controlling a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs will live inside of your home, in your furniture and clothing, whereas ants will mainly live outdoors in their own ant hill or colony. So to get rid of the ants learning a bit more about them will help you understand how they work and how to stop them from coming into your home. These great tips from The Spruce will help you with ant control, and you'll also learn more about the ant colony as well. The Spruce says that the first line of defence when it comes to insect removal, especially with ant control is to get rid of the ones in the colony. Until you get rid of the queen who will continue to produce more ants, you will constantly be battling the ants in your home. Chances are the colony is close to your home, so the second step is to observe the ants that are coming into your home and follow them back into their colony.

You can either get rid of the entire colony by destroying the ant hill, or you can set out some bait for the ants to take back to the rest of the colony to kill them all. Some organic pest control methods include pouring boiling water or vinegar right over top of the ant hill to kill the ants close to your home. You can also bait the ants using some organic pest control ingredients like Borax mixed with sugar and water which they will take back to their colony to feast on, and the Borax will kill them. You can also use deterrents to keep them out of your home like peppermint oil or a line of chalk by the entrances where they come into your home. If you choose to do the bait for any control, make sure you wait a while for the poison to take its effects on the colony. It could take up to a full week for the entire colony to die off so be patient.

With any insect removal process, it's also important to keep things really clean. Ants actually leave a scent trail of pheromones behind to show their other ant friends the way to food. So if you don't get rid of the scent trail by cleaning your home properly after insect removal, you could have more ants coming in. White vinegar is a great natural cleaner that will help destroy the scent trail left behind by the ants, and you can use it with some water in a spray bottle to spray down the areas they were crawling. You can also use some clove oil which ants hate the scent of in your vinegar spray to keep them from coming back again. Then, you'll also want to seal up any cracks in your home, so they don't have a way to get in. Once you've had an ant problem, it's likely that you could have one again, so the best ant control is not to leave food out and to clean your kitchen well every day. Store food in tightly sealed containers and in the fridge if you have to so you can keep the ants out of your home for good. Check out all 9 of the simple steps to get rid of ants from The Spruce and try them out in your own home.***

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