A powerful homemade recipe that makes all the mosquitoes and cockroaches fall dead immediately

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All insects can be annoying especially if they're infiltrating your home, or they're biting you or buzzing around. A couple of the most annoying bugs would probably have to be mosquitos and cockroaches. Mosquitos don't really seem to serve any purpose but to feed off our blood and annoy us. They come out in droves in the summer time, and they swarm us when we're trying to enjoy some time outdoors. They've also been found to spread diseases and illnesses because they come into contact with different people's blood passing germs from one person to the next. You've probably tried all of the candles and chemical sprays, maybe even some of the electric traps and nets that keep them from you. But there are natural remedies for keeping mosquitos at bay. Cockroaches are another insect that doesn't really seem to have much of a purpose. They get into our kitchens and anywhere there's food being kept, and they feast on it while we're asleep most often. You can probably catch one of these critters scurrying across your floor but good luck killing it, their exoskeletons protect them from being killed easily. Cockroaches also spread disease and bacteria through our food, so it's also important to keep them away.

Again, for killing cockroaches, usually, you'd probably opt for a chemical bug killer or insecticide. These chemicals can be really harsh to use in your home and make the air hard to breathe, so you usually have to spray and leave your house for a long time after you've sprayed to let the air clear. It's said that cockroaches can survive nuclear explosions, and they have in Japan. Not much was left behind in these blasts, but the cockroaches were still creeping around amongst the ruins. No wonder they're so hard to kill. This is one of the diy ideas you can try to kill these two annoying pests. You create a diy trap that contains natural ingredients, so you don't have to subject yourself to any of the harsh chemicals and keep your home toxin free. All you need for this diy bug killer is some vegetable oil, natural vinegar like apple cider vinegar, and shampoo. Take a half of a cup of vegetable oil, a half of a cup of shampoo and a half a cup of natural vinegar, then mix all of the ingredients very well. Then, put the mixture into a clean empty spray bottle to make it easy to spray around your house.

Spray the natural remedies for mosquitos and cockroaches wherever you've seen them concentrating on where you've seen them the most. You can also spray rooms where you haven't seen them to prevent them from coming in. The best part is, this is an all natural remedy so that you can use it around your bed, in the bathroom, in kid's rooms and even on pet beds. It's a diy recipe, so you won't have to spend a lot of money on getting rid of these pests. This diy spray is also safe to use in your garden, but just be careful not to saturate the plants in it too much because the acids in the vinegar could kill them. You can also make your own diy mosquito repellant out of essential oils, especially citrus and citronella essential oils. Just mix some of the essential oils with some witch hazel, water and vinegar and add to a spray bottle to use before you go outside. The mosquitos don't like these essential oils, so they'll steer clear of you whenever you have these scents on you. Try out these diy ideas for keeping mosquitos and cockroaches away.***

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