Amish Tuna Egg Salad

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Do you love egg salad sandwiches and tuna sandwiches? Melissa from Chin Deep has shared a recipe that combines these two recipes together for the ultimate sandwich. Good sandwiches are the best idea for lunch time. They are easy to make, delicious and very easy to eat. You don't need any cutlery to eat a sandwich, and it's very easy to carry around. This particular sandwich must be refrigerated through because of the eggs, tuna and mayonnaise in it. Or at least you'll want to put it in a cooler with some ice. You could even make these sandwiches for a luncheon or for snacks at a party or get together. The idea for this sandwich came from a flyer that Melissa picked up from an Amish lady at a Farmer's Market in her area. She took home the recipe and tried it and found it to be one of the best salads she's ever tried. You can eat this as a salad on its own, or you can treat it like tuna or egg salad and put it between slices of bread for a nice, delicious sandwich. This has turned into Melissa's favourite sandwich recipe. So now you know you have to make it yourself and see what you think.

This recipe makes 4 sandwiches or a salad that can be made into about 4 servings. You could also eat it on crackers too if you liked. All you need is some canned tuna in water. Make sure you buy sustainable tuna and not farmed tuna from the store. You'll also need eggs, and the best eggs to buy are organic, pasture raised, free run chickens. This type of tuna and eggs will ensure that the animals lived as nature intended and they weren't pumped full of antibiotics or growth hormones. You will also need some green onions, celery, mayonnaise, relish, salt, pepper and paprika. First, boil the eggs to hardboil them. Bring a medium or small pot of water to a boil over medium-high heat and then put the eggs in and time them for 12 minutes. Then drain the water and run cold water over them until the pot turns cold. You can then leave them in the cold water to cool down and add some ice to speed up the egg cooling process or put them in the cold water in the fridge to cool them. Then, take the boiled eggs out of the water and peel the shells off of them and chop them into pieces. Next, drain the tuna and put it in a bowl, adding the eggs and all of the other ingredients in.

Mix all of the ingredients in this recipe together really well and then cover and chill the mixture in the fridge to stay cold until you're ready to use. When you're ready to make a sandwich, put some of the mixture onto a piece of bread with mayonnaise on it and then top with lettuce and another piece of bread for a good sandwich you'll never forget. If you're sharing these as a snack, carefully cut the sandwiches into smaller pieces using a serrated knife, so the insides don't spill out. This is just one of the good sandwiches Melissa shares on her website. You can also find other recipes for dinner, desserts and more. Also, she shares some great diy crafting ideas as well as home spa recipes so you can make your home feel like a beautiful spa oasis. Melissa aims to post at least one article per week to share what she's been up to or tried in her life so we can try it out too. Enjoy this sandwich recipe and share it with others too.***

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