Baked Reuben Casserole

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This baked Reuben casserole recipe is a nice variation on the classic sandwich recipe. In this easy dinner idea, you can use pastrami or corned beef, whichever you enjoy. This casserole recipe is like a giant, warm Reuben sandwich, with the difference being you can eat it with a fork. Some of the ingredients you will need for this family-friendly meal idea include rye bread, sliced pastrami or corned beef, sauerkraut, eggs and Swiss cheese. This is an easy dinner idea the whole family will love. You will want to take a look at The Country Cook site for the full step by step recipe tutorial and short video to learn how to make this easy dinner idea.

The eggs are the ingredient that helps bring this easy dinner idea together. Eggs have a lot going for them. Eggs are nutritious, affordable and can be used for a variety of family-friendly meal ideas. Eggs can be scrambled, soft-boiled and poached, to name just a few of the ways you can cook them. Without eggs, your cake recipes, puddings, and Cobb salads would be lacking. When choosing eggs, you want to make sure and know a few things before you buy them for your recipe ideas. Don't worry about the color of the eggs. There is no difference between eggs that are white, brown, blue, yellow, or with green shells except for, the color. Different hen breeds will produce different colored eggs, but the eggs taste the same. When there are differences in taste, this is generally due to the hen's diet. The size of eggs. The USDA's size classifications refer to not just how big an egg appears but also to the total weight of a dozen eggs. Large eggs are the eggs that are most commonly sold in grocery stores and at farmers’ markets and used in family friendly meals ideas. The USDA groups eggs into three different grades to include A, AA, and B, which is based on how the shell and the interiors look. You'll most often find Grade A eggs in grocery stores. These eggs have firm whites, round yolks and intact, clean shells.

You want to buy the eggs for your easy dinner ideas and family-friendly meal ideas from a reputable grocery store where there is a constant turnover of the eggs that you buy. Buying eggs from a reputable grocery store where there is a constant turnover trumps any date that is stamped on the carton. Buy eggs from the farm when possible. Eggs from the farmers' market are as fresh of eggs that you can get and are generally laid within a week of purchase. If you can buy your eggs directly from the local farm, you really will be getting the freshest eggs. When you buy fresh farm eggs, you will be amazed by the amount of flavor the eggs have. When buying eggs for easy dinner ideas you want to check for cracks. Once you have selected your carton of eggs, open it up. This is a step you should never avoid; you want eggs that have clean shells and no cracks. Eggs will keep, refrigerated, for several weeks before the quality starts to wane. Eggs will usually last about five weeks unless they have been in the store or storage for a while before you buy them.

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