Best English Toffee Pecan Bars

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This English toffee pecan bar recipe is sure to be added to your list of favorites. It's everything you want in a bar recipe with a graham cracker crust, and buttery brown sugar and pecan topping. And the nice thing about this dessert recipe is that it only calls for a few ingredients like graham crackers, butter, brown sugar and pecans. You could also make this easy dessert with walnuts, and it would be just as good. And while there is a fair amount of sugar in the recipe, you can feel good about the addition of the pecans as they are a healthy ingredient full of pecan nutrition and health benefits. This entire dessert recipe, from start to finish, takes less than half an hour, so it’s good for those days when you are especially busy. English toffee bars are easy to make and popular for every occasion. You can add this dessert recipe to your holiday favorites and even package them up for special gifts. This easy dessert recipe calls for whole graham crackers, butter, brown sugar and chopped pecans. It's that easy, just four ingredients and you have the perfect bar recipe and dessert.

You are sure to be amazed at just how much pecan nutrition you will find in the pecan nut. Pecans mya help you maintain high energy and lose weight. Depending on who you talk to, some say that eating a diet that is low in dietary fat is not very beneficial to you at all. One reason for this is because a diet that is high in fat will help you feel full (of course this also depends on the type of fat you are consuming). For example, healthy fats such as those that are found in pecan nutrition help to impact the grehlin hormone, which is a vital part of any weight maintenance. High levels of ghrelin in the brain are often associated with elevated stress levels and a constant feeling of the being hungry, or the desire to eat a lot. In addition to its standing as food that is high in healthy fats, pecan nutrition also contains more than half the daily required amount of manganese, which is useful in a variety of ways, including in losing weight loss. While it’s not completely clear why, manganese, especially when it is combined with other supportive nutrients, helps to reduce weight in obese or overweight men and women

Consuming pecans may also help to prevent oxidative stress. Pecans, like other foods that are rich in healthy fats, boast a very high antioxidant level. Because so many environmental and dietary issues promote the oxidative damage in your body, it is also important to eat foods that are high in antioxidants to help counteract this damage. The damage that is due to oxidative stress is commonly paired with high incidence rates of disease such as cancers, heart disease and many other diseases where the cells mutate. Pecan nutrition may help contribute to a healthy heart. This is due in part to its plentiful list of antioxidants, with pecan nutrition being a key ingredient in a diet for a healthy heart. Pecans and other tree nuts have also been known to reduce systolic blood pressure in patients that do not have diabetes. Pecans nutrition can be considered part of the high-fat Mediterranean diet that has long been known to significantly help reduce blood pressure across the board, as well as decrease overall cardiac-related deaths.

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