Butter Flavored Sugar Cookies

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Don’t you love it when cookies drip with buttery goodness? This Butter Flavored Sugar Cookies are just that. They’re easy homemade cookies that come together within minutes. Just follow the recipe instructions, and you’ll see how effortlessly you can put these beauties together. Just with eight budget-friendly ingredients, you’ll be surprised how soft and true to their name they taste. It’s up to if you want to add a frosting on top of these lovely cookies. But it is guaranteed that adding a frosting will take these cookies to the next level. You’ll never regret whipping up some quick frosting that is perfect for the holidays. These cookies come out freshly baked from the oven looking deliciously golden brown along the edges. Adding butter flavor to the recipe also makes these cookies extra special.

If you wish to make these cookies flavored with chocolate, you can add cocoa powder or dark chocolate chips to the recipe. This recipe is not about adhering to the flavors but changing them up depending on your preference. That is why it is a good foundational recipe to build up further. You can add lemon or orange zest to the dough to give it a refreshing citrus flavour. You can add cinnamon, coconut flakes, honey or a hint of almond extract for a nutty aftertaste. You can even brown the butter, use a cookie butter or add cream cheese to get the gingerbread taste in the cookies. For special events like birthday parties, you can add sprinkles on top or try adding marshmallows coated in chocolate to make it look exciting and fun. There is so much you can do with this wonderful recipe for easy cookies. If you fancy soft texture to these cookies, bake them exactly for about 10-12 minutes roughly. If you like this soft sugar cookies recipe a bit crispy, then you may have to bake them a few minutes longer than just 12 minutes and wait until they turn dark brownish along the edges.

Just remember if you are not able to get the butter vanilla emulsion for this recipe, you can just replace it with a pure vanilla extract. Do not by any means use an artificial vanilla flavor because that is the last thing you want to add to a perfect butter cookies recipe. An important baking tip that will go a long way in baking goods is to use a premium quality vanilla extract which is more than a flavour enhancer. The role of a pure vanilla extract in baking goods is known for binding the ingredients just like salt when added to baking recipes. You can rely on leading brands like Nielsen-Massey or Madagascar with no corn syrup, sugar or other fillers and additives. You can save these yummy cookies at room temperature for up to a week in a sealed jar. Make sure to put the dough 2 inches apart on the baking sheet before you put them in the oven, as the dough tends to spread a tiny bit while baking. Always chill the dough for a few hours if you want the cookies to hold the shape and texture. Don’t bake them right away after mixing because the cookies could come out rather flat.

Thank you to Kelly Dixon at the Smart School House recipe blog for sharing this Butter Flavored Sugar Cookies with us. Do visit Kelly’s blog for more interesting recipes and food ideas. These butter cookies make an exceptional comfort dessert and just disappear in your mouth when you need a picker-upper. Make this recipe for your loved ones today!

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