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The soaring ceilings of this luxury cabin are enough to make one think it isn’t a cabin at all. This Mountaineer Deluxe Cabin from the company, Zook Cabins, has eighteen-foot ceilings in the great room portion of the home. The fact that there are such high walls and ceilings allows a lot more space for windows, which brightens the space admirably. Considering that small log cabins tend to be dark because of the use of wood, the addition of plenty of windows is a bonus. Their standard floors are yellow pine, which is incredibly fitting in a log cabin, but they allow their buyers to choose from hickory or maple as well.

Zook Cabins has a model below this version called the Mountaineer. The major difference between the Mountaineer and this Mountaineer Deluxe Cabin is the height of the ceilings. The plans of these modular cabins are not set in stone, however, since the Zook Cabins’ team is happy to help you create custom log homes based on their designs. In fact, the Mountaineer Deluxe Cabin can vary significantly in size from 1,172 square feet up to 2,346 square feet. You also have the opportunity to build a loft with a gable of glass with the Mountaineer Deluxe Cabin. Also, consider having Zook Cabins install a jacuzzi into your home. If you have been considering custom built log cabins for your next permanent home or vacation residence, Zook Cabins will make sure you have a place designed according to your tastes.

Each cabin is certified and assembled according to the building codes of the buyer’s area. Each cabin will arrive with adequate plumbing connections, kitchen cabinetry and countertops, and the option of baseboard heating. The owner will be responsible for hiring a contractor to hook up the plumbing or installing an alternative heating system. Zook Cabins like to leave the choice of appliances up to the homeowner as well. When purchasing a Zook Cabin, you can expect a one-year warranty on every component of the cabin, as well as a fifteen-year warranty on the windows. With all the benefits Zook Cabins has to offer, purchasing a cabin from them is an easy decision.

Zook Cabins is located in Pennsylvania and will sell their homes to anyone in the United States. Amish carpenters do the log house construction. When the cabins arrive at their destined property, they are already assembled and are not constructed out of a kit. The company has eleven pre-designed cabins to choose from. If you are interested in building a log home for a vacation property or have as a main home, check out Zook Cabins’ website. They have listings of all their models, along with photos and details about each design. Additionally, Zook Cabins’ provides details for the long-term care of their cabins, and recommend stains for maintaining the exterior. For more information, you can call their phone number, email, or fill out their online contact form. They even have hours where you can visit their office in Pennsylvania.

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