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This quaint cabin would be ideally situated on a vacation property in the woods, on a lake or in the mountains. The Canmore cabins by Summerwood Products are small in size, which works well for lakefront property where the family will be on the go rather than being cooped up inside. Depending on the size and style purchased, these small log homes would work well as a guest house, too.

The best part about these small log cabins is that they are customizable to whoever buys one. On the Summerwood Products website, there are customizable forms that can be filled out during ordering. The home buyer can choose what they like, whether it be wood, flooring or roof. Also, people can decide on the style of windows and upgrade features if they want their cabin to be livable year-round. Other options to consider when purchasing a cabin or shed from Summerwood Products is how you want to order it. The company allows customers to buy a cabin as pre-cut, pre-assembled or installed. The prefabricated construction of these cabins makes it easy for home buyers to either assemble pre-cut pieces themselves or have their home delivered in complete form. The pre-cut version is ideal for those who would like to construct their home themselves because all the pieces are cut beforehand and ready for the customer to build themselves. The pre-assembled version is a home that has been pre-built and shipped to the customer’s home in pieces, ready to be put together. The installed version of the cabins is only available to those living within thirty kilometers of Summerwood Products’ showroom. This involves a crew assembling the cabin on the home buyer’s property.

If interested in purchasing a prefab building in Canada or the U.S., Summerwood is an excellent option. These log home builders have over twenty-five years in the industry along with a positive reputation. Summerwood is a Canadian company based in Toronto, but they have locations throughout the United States as well. The company will also ship anywhere in the world, though, and invite potential customers to email them personally to calculate shipping costs. If you have never thought about the challenges of building a cabin or shed on your property before, rest assured that Summerwood has you covered. They will construct the buildings so that they meet the building codes of your specific area and will even help you assemble the paperwork for obtaining a building permit.

If you want to learn more about these adorable cabins, check out Summerwood Product’s website. They have photos of each cabin and shed design, as well as forms where you can view the customizable options for your future building. The company also lists an address for their Toronto-based showroom where guests can view the buildings in person. They also have phone numbers and an email contact form for those looking to get more information on building a pre-fab shed or cabin on your property.

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