Classic Cozy Cabin on Wheels ...MOST POPULAR ... Just under 400sf MAIN plus 240sf LOFT has Lots of add-on Options -

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The Classic Double Loft is the most popular wood cabin they build at Rich's Portable Cabins. This Park Model tiny cabin on wheels has all the features that you need for a second home, plus the Classic Double Loft has the curb appeal that is necessary to please everyone who sees it. The Classic Double Loft is built full-sized at less than 400 square fee, and this park model wood cabin is typically moved by a professional mover with the use of a semi-truck. The loft in the Classic Double loft is a spacious 21 feet long for a total 240 square feet aand with a ceiling height to 4 feet 6 inches, which makes it a wonderful space for the kids, for storage or even for use as an office. The Classic Double Loft can also be used as a bedroom and has several emergency escape windows throughout. The upstairs loft is accessed with stairs that are properly sloped which makes them easy to climb and are a comfortable width. Since the upstairs loft will be loaded up with items that are too big to be taken up the stairs, the railing in the front is easily removable to help accommodate those larger items. Typical flooring in the upstairs loft is carpet with the option of other flooring types if you so prefer.

Downstairs, the main bedroom is designed for a queen size bed that fits comfortably in the space that is provided, or on the optional bed storage platform that projects out the back of the cabin building. They offer numerous arrangements in the bedroom, so you'll want to check out all the variations of this popular wood cabin design. The bathroom features a full sized one piece fiberglass bathtub for easy cleaning and durability, along with a standard porcelain toilet and a sink that has a large mirror on the wall. You can also see other detailed arrangements of the bathroom when viewing the Classic Double Loft variations and wood cabin floor plans. The kitchen in the wood cabin arrangement allows for generous storage for dishes and food, plus a kitchen counter top work space that is large enough and expansive, and with the 9 inch overhang that allows the top of the countertop to be used as a dining bar as well. There are other variations that allow for an 18 inch dishwasher and garbage isposal if you so desire. A properly designed park model wood cabin should have good balance of space when considering the bedroom, the bathroom, kitchen and the living room. The Classic Double Loft home design accomplishes that happy medium and allows for a living room that accommodates most of your furnishings without feeling too over crowded.

Some of the features of the Classic Double Loft wood cabin are that it is built to hook up to your existing septic system. The wood cabin is fully wired to NEC, with an exterior height of 15 feet ten inches, a width of 13 feet 10 inches and a length of 45 feet, that includes a ten foot porch. The interior living space in the Classic Double Loft is 396 square feet, with a 240 square foot loft and a loft height of four feet six inches. Some of the features in this tiny cabin on wheels include laminate flooring on the main level, carpet in the loft, double pane low energy efficient windows, hickory kitchen cabinets, stairs to access the upstairs loft and a wood interior for the walls and ceiling coverings.

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