Clean Vacuum Filters in the Dishwasher

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If you are an avid vacuum aficionado, chances are you have been faced with the undesirable smell of cleaning with a dirty vacuum filter. Bagless vacuums with filters mean that you don’t have to purchase bags, but you might still run into issues concerning the filter. When you run a vacuum with a dirty filter, not only does it smell bad, but it also doesn’t pick up dirt and dust as efficiently as it did before, and makes cleaning carpets even more of a chore. The expense of vacuum filters for vacuums makes this an even worse problem to have. Charmain, the author of ‘A Girl And Her Needle’ lifestyle blog, faced this exact incident when she discovered that her vacuum was exuding a smell when she vacuumed and that it took a few hours to clean two rooms because the vacuum was no longer doing what it was supposed to. She also found that a new filter would cost a substantial amount of money comparable to one-fifth of the price of the vacuum she bought for cleaning her home. What she found was that cleaning the vacuum filter was not only possible but would return her filter to the quality it was before.

Cleaning bagless vacuum filter doesn’t require as much effort as you may think because all it needs is to run through the dishwasher with a regular dishwashing soap pod. The results are as noteworthy as they are surprising with the filter becoming white again, as opposed to blackened with dust. Cleaning a vacuum filter may not be something you ever thought of, but cleaning it in the dishwasher won’t harm it at all, and it will be working as well as it did before. The clean filter will allow the vacuum to suck up dirt again so that you can be finished your household cleaning quickly, rather than constantly going over carpeted surfaces to get them clean.

The fact is that as a bagless vacuum cleaner owner, you can do some simple cleaning of your filter at the times when it isn’t dirty enough to constitute a run through the dishwasher. You can pull the filter out of the vacuum and bang it against the garbage can to remove some of the dust and residue leftovers from cleaning you home. You will also want to clean the dust cup by using a paper towel to remove any debris. Of course, nothing will work as well as cleaning your filter as a vacuum wash in the dishwasher, but these other steps are merely for maintenance when the dishwasher isn’t entirely necessary.

The next time your vacuum cleaner isn’t cleaning carpets the way you want them too, you might wonder if there is something wrong with the appliance, but first, try washing your vacuum filter to see if that is the problem. Inexpensive cleaning solutions are always the best for ensuring you get the most out of your appliances and your time. Thank you to Charmain, at ‘A Girl And Her Needle’, for sharing her instructions on how to clean vacuum filters in the dishwasher.

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