Clean Your Porcelain Sink with This Amazing Technique

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Keeping porcelain sinks clean is almost a full time job. With the amount of hand washing, teeth brushing and all manner of other bathroom pressures they are constantly under, its nice to know that Jessica at Mom4Real has the dirt, or rather the anti-dirt, on how to clean your porcelain sink with this amazing technique.

The beauty of having a porcelain sink in your bathroom, is easily offset by the amount of dirt, grime and if you set something metal upon them for more than 5 seconds, rust stains they seem to attract. Jessica isnt going to let herself be bothered by the rings her husbands shaving cream can leaves on the sink any more. Her secret is lemon and salt. No, shes not doing shots of tequila and ignoring the sink, shes using half a lemon dipped in salt to scrub it out. Lemon is universally appreciated for getting rid of dirt and toxins. Its acidity breaks down grime and makes it easy to scrub away. Add to that the abrasiveness of the salt and its like an anti-grime pumice for your sink. For me personally, one of this methods most marketable features is that its all natural, no harmful chemicals being washed down your sink while you clean. It cuts down on plastic; its cheap, will leave your bathroom smelling lemony fresh, and for people with sensitive skin like me, easy on your hands.

The most impressive thing about this trick is its effectiveness on rust. Getting rid of the dirt is cosmetic, but rust can quickly become structural! Making sure that your porcelain sink stays rust free, not only keeps your bathroom looking aesthetically pleasing but is essential to the longevity of the sink.

To ensure a rust free porcelain sink, follow the link at the bottom of this article to Jessicas website 'Mom4Real' where you will see photos and learn how to do it yourself.

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