Cleaning grout with homemade grout cleaner

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Most people like the look of tile, but don't like the work that goes along with cleaning it. Depending on the type of tile you have, there are some that require high maintenance with serious scrubbing to keep grout grime at bay while others a bit easier. And unfortunately, scrubbing is a part of cleaning, and something no matter how hard you try, you will never get away from. But with that said there are house cleaning tips, natural cleaners and DIY ideas that will make the job easier, and there are no scrub solutions that don't require scrubbing or rinsing, that you can also try. That is why you will want to take a look at this house cleaning tip and recipe for a natural cleaner that does a lot of the work for you when it comes to cleaning grout. And the best part is that it only requires light scrubbing with some baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, a diy idea that won't cost you a lot of save you some of that scrubbing.

Hydrogen peroxide is safe to use on tile grout, as it is a neutral, natural cleaner that won’t eat away at the bathroom grout like vinegar might. Mixed in with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide forms an oxygenated bleach, and that chemical reaction is what safely cleans the grout surface. Cleaning with some hydrogen peroxide and baking soda has the benefits of a chlorine bleach without all of the harmful side effects that go with it. You'll want to take a look at the before and after photos of the yellow discoloration and a little bit of the pink mildew. It's not a pleasant site, but when you see the after photos, you can breathe a sigh of relief. It is important to note that the after photo did not happen overnight, but took about a month. So you shouldn't expect instant results if your bathroom hasn't been done in a while, but it is something that you can maintain and feel good about using once you get the results that you desire. And mixing up the homemade natural cleaner is easy.

To make the natural cleaner for your grout, you will mix the hydrogen peroxide with some baking soda into a runny paste. The paste should be runny because that way it’s easier to scrub into the grout lines. A thick cleaning paste will clog up the toothbrush you are using and make it harder to get the natural cleaner solution where you want it. You can do whatever works best for you; these are just suggestions on what might work best. You can also choose to wipe down the tile and the grout with whatever you are cleaning the bathtub with, but usually, that’s not enough. That's where this natural cleaner paste comes in handy, because the bathroom grout needs a little extra care, and this natural cleaner is just the thing to do that. This natural cleaning solution is great because you don't have to scrub as hard or as much to get these results. You can scrub the tile in the morning, and once the grout is dry, you will see the difference. The good news is that this natural cleaner paste doesn't take a lot of money, it will save you from having to scrub so much, and it's inexpensive to make.

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