Cranberry Orange Cake

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This cranberry orange cake recipe is super moist, and the cranberries are a wonderful contrast to the sweetness of the cake. There is a light glaze on the cake recipe to help add another taste of sweetness just in case there wasn’t enough already. This cake recipe has a texture that is similar to pound cake. This cranberry orange cake recipe will be the perfect addition to any holiday table. You can serve the cake recipe with some homemade cranberry sauce if you'd like. This cake recipe looks good in a bundt or loaf pan. The icing on this cranberry orange cake recipe is easy to make and uses two ingredients to include powdered sugar and water, milk or orange juice. This cake recipe is the perfect addition to any holiday table. For the full step by step instructions for this cranberry orange cake recipe, you will want to take a look at the That's My Home site.

A bundt pan is a great way to take this cake recipe to a whole new level. Bundt cakes are the perfect idea when it comes to presentation. The bundt cake pan was first introduced in 1950 by Nordic Ware, and these cake baking pans have become a very popular bakeware addition in the kitchen. The cake pans are available in a variety of shapes and sizes; Bundt pans can be used for muffins, cakes, cupcakes, meatloaf, shortcake baskets, gelled desserts or salads. You will find silicone pans that also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A Bundt pan is a perfect pan for coffee cake recipes because it lends well to experimenting with a variety of recipe ingredients, to include nuts, different toppings, a fudge tunnel, or even a marble cake recipe. You can also frost the cake recipe or not; it's up to you. Cake recipes baked in a bundt pan look great with a thin glaze dripped over the cake recipe or just a powdered sugar sprinkle. These cake recipes also travel very well with almost no fear of a layer sliding off, plus they are easy to slice and serve. That makes bundt cake recipes great for potlucks or parties. Bundt pans are considered a speciality baking pan, with the cakes from these pans looking like you spent much more time making than you did.

When using bundt pans, there are a few tips that you will want to follow to help ensure cake recipe success. Even nonstick coated cake pans should be well greased or properly sprayed with baking oil. A dusting of flour is also a good idea and sometimes helps especially with chocolate cakes, but is not necessary. You want to cool the cake completely before trying to remove the cake. Do not use any metal object to help release the cake. As using a knife will scratch and damage your cake pan. A rubber or a silicone spatula can be slid down the large fluted edges of the cake pan, and this is usually sufficient to help release the cake. To remove the cake, you can place a large plate over the Bundt pan and while holding the plate in place, invert the cake pan, the cake should then be dropped onto the plate. After inverting, if the cake feels a little warm allow it a few minutes before frosting.

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