Cucumber Cauliflower Corn Salad

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This cucumber cauliflower corn salad recipe will become a new family favorite, because of the combination of fresh veggies and a mayonnaise-based dressing. This simple salad consists of ingredients like fresh cauliflower florets, canned corn and red bell pepper, which makes it as colorful as it is delicious. Valentina, the author of Valentina’s Corner recipe blog, prepares chopped salads often depending on what she has in her refrigerator. She developed this salad recipe because she was inspired her usual mixed salads. Preparing this cauliflower salad recipe will be an excellent way of your family getting many veggies into their diets; moreover, it may even inspire you to use whatever leftovers you have in the crisper of your fridge.

This is an easy delicious salad in part because it uses canned corn. Using canned corn means that you can simply drain and rinse the corn, and toss it into your salad recipe rather than cook it. If you are concerned about sodium levels, however, using canned vegetables may not be the best idea. Instead, you could thaw frozen corn on a paper towel and use that in your salad. Frozen corn is blanched before being frozen, and so it does not require cooking. Alternatively, if it is the height of corn season, consider using fresh corn in this cauliflower recipe. You can use a knife to shave the corn off the cob and give it a quick sauté, just until it turns bright yellow.

This is one of the best cauliflower recipes because it takes cauliflower for what it is and showcases all its best qualities. In its natural form, cauliflower is crunchy, earthy and slightly nutty. Cauliflower has a similar texture to raw broccoli, but a milder taste. Valentina highlights cauliflower by adding ingredients that enhance and balance the cauliflower flavor rather than masking it. For example, the corn and bell pepper add sweetness, while green onions add spice and dill adds a herbaceous, earthy flavor. Dill is such a strong flavored herb, so if it isn’t your preference of herbs feel free to substitute for another kind. Cilantro would be an excellent addition to this corn-based salad or even simple flat-leaf parsley. The salad dressing for this salad recipe is so simple because it is just mayonnaise, salt, and pepper, which allows the vegetables to shine. If you are concerned about the level of fat in your dressing recipe, you could always substitute the mayonnaise for low fat or even Greek yogurt, which would add a subtle tanginess.

The best salads are the ones that contrast textures and flavors and make you keeping going back for more. This vegetable salad recipe mixes crunchy cauliflower with crisp, juicy cucumber. The dressing is creamy which provides a smooth mouthfeel. Thank you to Valentina, the author of Valentina’s Corner recipe blog, for sharing her cucumber cauliflower corn salad recipe with us. This salad would be an excellent addition to any summer meal involving grilled meat. It would even work well as a lunch salad with the addition of poached chicken.

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