Do Nothing Cake

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Do Nothing Cake, also known as the Texas Tornado Cake, is a pineapple dump/poke cake that has a coconut walnut frosting. The cake recipe is super moist and super easy to make. This cake recipe can be made quickly and always turns out well. There is no butter or oil in the mix, but the cake recipe has some crushed pineapple which makes the cake recipe extra moist. The Do Nothing Cake recipe can be served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream on top. This cake recipe is a good potluck dessert recipe. For the full step by step cake recipe and video, you will want to take a look at the Kitchen Nostalgia site.

The Do Nothing Cake recipe is one of the easiest cakes you can make. But when it comes to making cake recipe, there are some rules that will help you bake the perfect cake every time. For starters, you always want to grease the pan and line the pan with parchment. This simple step is insurance that your cake recipe will slide out easily after cooling. Another tip for cake recipe success is to allow the oven to fully preheat first. It is important that your cake recipe bakes at the right temperature, with no shortcuts. You want to bake your cake in the center of the oven, other the cake recipe is otherwise specified. Changes to the temperature will alter your cake recipe results. Another tip is to bake your cake in the size of cake pan specified. Otherwise, you are looking at uneven baking, which will mean an uneven cake. You don’t want to try and double the cake recipe. This is because cake recipes are more complex than that.

Common problems that are experienced when making cake recipes. Your cake recipe is too dense. A cake recipe that is overly dense typically has added too much liquid, too little leavening, or too much sugar. Your cake recipe is dry. The culprits for the dry cake recipe are ingredients that absorb moisture, ingredients such as flour or other starches, cocoa or milk solids. A second and equally damaging culprit for a dry cake recipe is over-baking. Ensure that you measure your flour for your cake recipe properly. Spoon the flour into the measuring cup and then level off evenly. Avoid dipping your measuring cup into the flour bag as this will press the flour into your cup, and you’ll end up with too much flour in the cake recipe. Measure your cocoa powder the same way. To avoid over baking the cake recipe, there are three indicators that you should look at to determine if your cake recipe is done. The cake recipe should be slightly pulling away from the side of the cake pan, a cake tester that is inserted into the deepest part of the cake comes out clean, and the cake recipe should spring back when gently pressed. Another problem is icing that is full of crumbs. Crumbs are the nemesis of cake-decorators. Cake crumbs are inevitable if you build a layer cake and have to split the cake layers, but there is a way to fix and minimize these irritating little morsels. Do a crumb coat first when frosting your cake. This crumb coat layer glues down the cake crumbs. Chill the cake recipe until the crumb coat is firm, then continue to ice your cake. There shouldn’t be a cake crumb in sigh afterwards.

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