Do you have outlet covers that are the outdated almond color? Here is an amazing product for about $2.25 each will fix this.

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Do you live in an older house with mismatched electrical outlets and outlet covers? If so, you may have thought about replacing them all, but if you're on a budget, or live in a rental unit, you might want to try a different idea. Tiffany from Dream Design found a cool product that she decided to share with us so we too can fix all of our own mismatched electrical outlets and electrical outlet covers. So Tiffany tried just changing the electrical outlet covers, but then they didn't match the almond coloured electrical outlets on the inside. Plus, they were dirty and have paint stains on them from other projects. Then, she went to home depot and looked in the same aisle as the other outlet covers and found these great decorator wall plates that cover the entire electrical outlet. These awesome outlet covers will give you a more modern look by streamlining the entire outlet. Plus, you'll also save time and labour because these new plates actually fit right over the old outlets. So you won't have to do any rewiring or anything, just take off your old faceplate and then put this new, streamlined one on.

The other great news is, they aren't expensive at all. At just $2.25 for each electrical outlet cover, you could do all of the outlets in your home for a reasonable cost. To have all of your electrical plugs changed by a professional would cost so much money. With this option, you can do it as a do it yourself home project and avoid pricey electrition bills. Tiffany also says that all of her outlets she's replaced with these work just fine, so it definitely doesn't affect the power at all which is good to know. So say goodbye to your old, outdated outlets and outlet covers and try using these instead. There are also some diy ideas out there that help you make your outlet covers look unique and original too. You can actually paint them with paint and seal them if you want them to be a different colour, or you can decoupage them for a very interesting and original look. Painting them and personalizing them is great for kids or teens to make their room their own and add their own personal style to their outlets for a lower cost than buying some of the cartoon character ones.

The great thing is, since these outlet covers are so inexpensive, you can change them up if you don't want your decorative ones anymore. This is just one of the many small do it yourself home improvements you can implement into your design that will have a big impact on the look and feel of your entire home. Another thing you can change up is your trim and baseboards. You can remove it and replace it with a more modern looking trim or baseboard, or you can simply paint it a fresh, new colour. Even though painting your trim is not the easiest thing to do, and it does require a lot of time and patience, you will be very pleased with the results afterwards. If you have old wooden hollow core doors that are quite outdated, these are another simple thing you can update for as little as $20 per door. All you need to do is paint them white and add some decorative trim to make them look more modern and expensive. Doing these minor diy ideas around the house can really change the feel of your home, and if you're trying to sell your home, it could even help it sell faster and for more money.***

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