Easy Lemon Butter Cake

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This Easy Lemon Butter Cake recipe with delicious lemon sauce will burst in your mouth leaving that refreshing lemony aftertaste. What makes this cake the most wonderful ever is the way that lemony butter sauce soaks right into the cake making it gooey and moist for days. But then you never know how many days this cake can last because don’t be surprised if its all gone in a day. That’s how good this cake is. Who doesn't like lemon treats? This cake is beautifully tangy and sweet at the same time with a bit of butter cake-like texture to it like a typical Southern pound cake recipe does. Even though this recipe uses a cake mix, you’ll never be able to guess based on how it's been doctored up to match your taste in a lemon cake recipe. If you fancy making a lemon cake from scratch, go ahead and do so by all means. The beautiful blend of sweetness and sourness is one of the best combinations when it comes to dessert recipes.

For birthdays or other special occasions, you can make a frosting of your choice and be creative with the flavors of this cake. Adding cream cheese frosting with marshmallow fluff goes well with this cake. If you prefer white chocolate, go ahead and drizzle melted white chocolate or simply add coconut flakes on top as a garnish. You can do add pretty much anything to enhance the flavors as this is a versatile lemon cake recipe. You can also make little bite-sized cupcakes if you desire instead of baking it into a cake. It is no surprise how versatile lemon fruit is when it comes to desserts recipes or even when added to savory foods. There are many nourishing lemon health benefits such as calcium, potassium, vitamin C, and fiber. For achieving optimum lemon flavor, always make lemon desserts recipes with the real lemon juice or better yet add lemon zest in the place of lemon extract. Always use a zester to achieve a finely textured lemon zest or the small side of a grater and then chop it up, so you have small pieces of lemon zest. In this recipe, you can replace the milk with buttermilk, sour cream or Greek yogurt for adding extra richness.

If you wish to replace the lemon cake mix with other options like vanilla cake mix or angel cake, it will give this recipe an exceptional variation. It is great to treasure lemon cake recipes in your recipe book because lemon desserts are outrageously flavorsome and so distinct from most other dessert recipes. Lemon dessert recipes also beat the popular idea of chocolate desserts. Everyone likes chocolate desserts, but a dessert recipe that uses lemon can be incredibly refreshing to one's palate. You can serve it at parties, family gatherings, picnic, and potluck or for brunch with your loved ones. It’s always a good idea to serve fun desserts like this one to your guests because they’re fancy but easy desserts to make for any occasion.

Thank you to Dorothy at the Crazy For Crust recipe blog for sharing this creative Lemon Butter Cake recipe with us. Do visit Dorothy’s blog for more lemon cake recipes or other dessert recipes suitable for all occasions. The flavors of this lemon cake recipe come perfectly together using simple ingredients from your pantry and still yield a delicious high-end bakery-style dessert right in your kitchen. If you love all things lemony this recipe is a must try. Enjoy a slice or two of this oh-so-lemony goodness with friends and family today!

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