Easy Wood Utensil Cleaner - Makes Them New Again

Photo Credit: Creative Culinary

I am the proud owner of my Grandmother's wooden rolling pin. There is something so utterly special to me about inheriting tools from my Grandmother's kitchen, as there has been so many years of wisdom and love surrounding these simple wooden object. Lucky enough for me and my other cousins, my Grandmother has plenty of wooden tools to go around so we all inherited either a rolling pin, a wooden spoon or even a cutting board.

I love cooking with these tools the most, not only for their nostalgia, but also they are easy on the pans (no scratching) and not emitting any plastic chemicals into my meals. Every so often though I look at these spoons and realize that they may need a little love and care and perhaps even re-furbishing.

This technique will work for you regardless of whether your wood spoons are made from cherry wood, apple wood, alder wood, maple wood or any other kind of wood. Over time, wood loses it's moisture and can use a nice re-buttering to help it get it's life back. To make this recipe from Creative Culinary, you will need:

- beeswax

- mineral

- some mason jars

The recipe is in fact very simple and you end up with enough wood butter to polish plenty of wooden kitchen spoons. One tip for after you polish though, is to get the wax out of your utensils. Simply put them in the freezer overnight. When the wax is frozen, it scrapes out pretty easy. To get rid of any residue, just put it in the dishwasher.

For the full story on how to make your wooden spoons like new again, head on over to the link below for the Culinary Creative!

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