Finally a Way to Battle Grease Stains on Your Clothes

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I am famous for spilling olive oil on my clothing! I wish it weren't true, but what can I say, I get excited while I am eating or prepping food and it never fails to happen on one of my nice things too! If only I would learn, but some things just cannot be taught. Each time I wreck one of my favorite shirt with grease, it always ends up as a 'home' outfit. One that I still love, but it has been tainted enough that I probably won't wear it out to a dinner with friends.

Here are some ideas on removing that grease:

1. Until now with the use of chalk. Now remember, this is for fresh stains before you throw them into the wash, you want to rub the stain down with chalk, which will to loosen the grease.

2. Another tried and true method to remove grease stains is to pour dry baking soda on the stain and let it sit a day or two. Then brush it off. It should be mostly gone, but you can wash the garment to make sure. If some is still left, you can use baking soda on it again and it will get the rest out.

3. Another tip for old stains involves WD 40. When grease has stains have been sitting on clothes and feel like they are never coming out (now they look like water spots), it is possible to remove them by spraying the staing with WD 40 Lubricant. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then work in 1 part dishwashing liquid and 2 parts hydrogen peroxide. Work it in and then wash in your washing machine as usual.

4. Other suggest simply using dish soap (which is a great anti-greaser) to get rid of grease stains. There are even people who will go as far as to using coca cola to get the grease out!

It always feels a bit scary to start adding more products to your clothing when they already feel ruined, but with some favorite clothes it is definitely worth the try, right?

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