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Unless you're living in your dream house, you probably have a few places in your home that don't stay as organized as you'd like them to. One of the most common places for disorganization is in the kitchen pantry. Most people just make do with the pantry that came with the home they bought, but there are some simple life hacks that will make our lives easier. If you have a smaller pantry or even just a cabinet as your pantry, you will really love to use these simple life hacks from Hometalk. Ashley Mayes from Bigger Than The Three Of Us shares her diy ideas on Hometalk and shows us how she made her kitchen pantry work for her. She actually decided to build a new space for her kitchen pantry because the old one just wasn't cutting it anymore. So if you own your own house, you could even build your own new pantry like she did. But if you don't feel like building a new pantry or you're currently renting the home you live in, you can also just take some of the diy ideas she shares and apply them to whatever pantry you currently have and see if that makes a difference. The key is to find some good containers that go with the shelving you have. So make sure you write down your measurements before you shop for storage containers. You need to make sure that they work on your shelves

You can shop in your own area, or you can shop online and find the perfect containers to fit in your pantry. Look for baskets, bins and buckets to store your items in and choose colours or materials that will fit in with your style. Ashley chose wooden boxes that look really nice and natural. Once you have the containers you like, line your shelves with them, and then you can play around with what will go where. Try a few different arrangements until you come up with the one that will work best for you. In one of the other slides in the slideshow on Hometalk, you can see how Carolyn Kelso-Bell came up with the idea to paint her pantry door with chalk paint, so you have a built-in chalkboard to write lists on and for your kids to draw on while you're preparing meals in the kitchen. If you have ugly looking shelves within your cabinets and pantry, you can always try out the simple life hacks from Rob and Courtney who show us how to line our shelves with beautiful contact paper.

One of the coolest diy ideas in the slideshow is the one from Casey who shares her idea to install a skinny roll-out pantry in between appliances or other cabinets. You can buy these roll-out pantries, but you can also diy them too. Lynn Fern from On Fern Avenue shows us her simple life hacks for a pantry door too. Instead of using a regular pantry door that swings out, you can use a sliding barn-style pantry door. It looks really cool, and it saves a lot of space in your kitchen and pantry. You can buy these sliding barn doors at your local hardware store, or you can also buy the hardware and make one yourself if you are diy savvy. There are even more of these simple life hacks and diy ideas that will make our lives easier in the kitchen. Just click through the slideshow on the Hometalk website, and you're sure to walk away with even at least one or two new ideas you can implement into your kitchen.***

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