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There are some cleaning tasks around the house that you try to put off as long as you can. Cleaning the walls is one of those cleaning tasks. With so many other cleaning projects to take care of and plan for, cleaning the walls is one of those cleaning tasks you only occasionally do. You might choose to spot clean the walls throughout the year and do a big clean once or twice a year. Or maybe you are moving, and you need to get the walls in the house spotless. Regardless of when you choose to give the walls a good clean, you want a way to make sure this cleaning project is as painless as possible. If cleaning the walls is something on your big list of to do projects, you are sure to love this time-saving, inexpensive, clean house tip for washing walls. This house cleaning tip for washing walls will make the job that much easier, and the good news is that it won't cost you a whole lot to do. The real clean house tip for this cleaning project is all about the tools that you use. For starters, one of the best cleaning tools you can have in your house is a sturdy large microfiber pad mop, along with an all-purpose natural cleaner or some liquid dish soap in a spray bottle with warm water, which should do the trick. If you already have a microfiber pad mop, you might want to purchase a new microfiber pad, and you are ready to go.

When using this simple cleaning house tip to your wash walls, you want to work from the top of the wall to bottom. You also want to work from left to right, and gently spray the wall down first with the natural cleaner of your choice. Apply some pressure onto the wall and then mop the wall with the microfiber pad mop. It seems to work best when using a motion of side to side then working your way down. This house cleaning tip will also save you a lot of time and energy, and you will see the difference on the walls right away. It's easy to forget how dirty the walls in your house can get until you clean them with this house cleaning tip.

Liquid dish soap in some warm water can be an effective cleaning house tip for washing your walls. Just think of how effective dish soap is at cutting grease on dirty dishes, and it's easy to see why. Dish soap can also be used as an all-purpose floor cleaner by adding two or three drops into a pail or sink of warm to hot water. You can use this cleaning house tip for hardwood floors, laminate, tile, and cement floors. Liquid dish soap is also a house cleaning tips for getting rid of grease, whether it be on your kitchen walls, cabinets, oven hood and more. You can also use some liquid dish soap on fabrics that have pesky grease stains by directly applying the dish soap to the grease stains and then gently rubbing into the stain with your fingers and letting sit for a few minutes. This cleaning house trick will also work on older stains that have been around for awhile.

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