Here Is How To Clean A Microwave With Vinegar And Steam

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Microwaves are such a handy invention. They can reheat food in a matter of minutes making lunch or dinner preparation easy. The single problem with microwaves is that they have a tendency to become extremely messy through use because food splatters and the heat from the microwave causes that food to become baked on. When a simple scrub doesn't work to remove tough stains, easy kitchen cleaning tips are a must. Jessi, a contributor to the Practically Functional website, has the answer to easy microwave cleaning. Her process involves using steam to help ease up baked on stains so that you can get your microwave back to looking like brand new.

In an effort to move away from chemically-based cleaning products, natural kitchen cleaners are becoming in vogue. More and more people are turning to using natural household products for all their cleaning needs. Baking soda is miracle cleaning solution for the entire household because it is a food-safe product that can dispel smells and remove stains from furniture, pots, and rugs. Other products that can be found in the kitchen work just as well as baking soda. Jessi brilliantly employs vinegar and water, as well as a few handy kitchen tools to both clean and sanitize her microwave. The process is so brilliant, it is almost unbelievable and should be applied to every person who has a hard-to-clean microwave on their hands. The high acidity of vinegar can help sanitize any kitchen surface and is an excellent food safe product for microwave cleaning. All kinds of vinegar don't have the same acid levels, however, and so for maximum effect, it is best to choose a cleaning grade vinegar, which has a higher PH level.

One thing that makes vinegar less desirable as a kitchen cleaner is the fact that it smells and the odor can linger in a space for a long time. Jessi has some good ideas for how to alleviate the smell and one of those ideas is to drop some essential oils, like lemon, into the water and vinegar mixture that you steam the microwave with. It is common to clean microwave with lemon because lemon has such a refreshing scent and can carry over vinegar easily. Typically, lemon juice would be squeezed into a bowl of water, and then the lemon halves would be added, too. Using fresh lemon would be an excellent option when cleaning your microwave, but Jessi’s suggestion of using a lemon-scented essential oil is extremely beneficial because essential oils are more concentrated than fresh lemon, and therefore, will mask the smell of the vinegar even better. Cleaning with vinegar becomes so much easier when you can cover up the astringent smell with a vibrant smell like lemon.

Cleaning a microwave will become so easy by using Jessi’s instructions in using steam. Steam helps lift stains and grime when no other method will work. Thank you to Jessi, a contributor to the Practical Functional website, for her methods on cleaning a microwave with vinegar and steam.

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