Here's how to easily save a scorched pan

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Kitchen clean up can always do with the help of some good house cleaning tips and tricks. Especially when it comes to clean burned pots and pans. Sometimes after cooking, you might be left with burnt pots or scorched pans that you may at times feel like throwing away. But with the following house cleaning tips, you will have clean pots and pans in no time. To start, scrape out the charred remains from your pot or pan, and then fill the cookware with some water, so the bottom of the pot or pan is completely covered. Then add some cream of tartar, and turn the heat on high. For the full step by step instructions to clean burned pot, you will want to take a look on the Buzz Feed site.

This house cleaning tip to clean burned pots is just one of the ideas you can use cream of tartar for. Cream of tartar is one of those ingredients you have in your baking cabinet that you probably don't use all that often. But after reading the following house cleaning tips, you might look at the ingredient in a whole new light. Cream of tartar is an all natural and powerful cleaner right out of your spice cabinet. This may just well be something your grandmother used to clean. The acidic nature of cream of tartar also makes the ingredient a good non-toxic cleaning agent for all sorts of house cleaning tips, and can even be used to ward off bugs and treat laundry stains. After finding all of these great ways to use cream of tartar, you'll know how to use it for more than just to clean burned pot.

Use cream of tartar as a simple life hack to help deter ants. If ants are gathering on your driveway or your sidewalks, sprinkle some cream of tartar to deter them away from the area. Cream of tartar also works at all sorts of house cleaning tips. Use hydrogen peroxide added to a small bowl of cream of tartar, just enough to make a cleaning paste. Then rub the paste onto tough stains such as rings in the bathtub, tough spots in the kitchen, and sticky spills in the fridge. Allow the cleaning paste to dry out before you wipe, then rinse the surface clean with water. Use cream of tartar as a stain remover. Make a paste of cream of tartar mixed with some lemon juice to lift stains off of clothing and carpets. Let the laundry paste sit for an hour or two, then machine wash as usual, or blot with a damp cloth. This laundry paste also works on ink stains. Use cream of tartar as a house cleaning tip for the kitchen Make a cleaning paste of cream of tartar mixed with some white vinegar to make a great all-purpose kitchen cleaner. Use this all purpose paste for grout lines, sinks, oven, and to clean up mold and mildew. Store in a squeeze bottle for easy application.

And you can use cream of tartar for diy ideas such as making homemade playdough. You can make homemade playdough by mixing one cup of flour, one cup of water, one cup salt, one tablespoon vegetable oil, one tablespoon cream of tartar, and three to five drops of food dye which are optional. Add more flour if the playdough mixture is too wet or sticky, or add more water if the playdough is too dry. You will find this house cleaning tip for clean burned pots on the Buzz Feed site. On the site, you will find other house cleaning tips, simple life hacks, news, videos and more. **

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