Homemade Glass Cleaner Wipes

These easy homemade glass cleaner wipes is an effective way to get your windows looking sparkling clean again. To make this window cleaner, you will need simple ingredients that you probably already have around the house. You will need a roll of good quality paper towels, preferably a name brand so they will hold up well. To start, you simply cut the roll of paper towels in half, and place into a storage container and then pour the homemade window cleaning mixture over the top. You'll want to remember to remove the cardboard center from the roll of paper towels and pull from the center to use. These window cleaning wipes are a great idea, and you will love them so much you'll always want them in the house. The nice thing about making your homemade window cleaning wipes is that you will save money, you will also know all of the ingredients that go into the window cleaning solution, making it a safe cleaning choice to use around your family and household pets.

Other window cleaning tips the best window cleaner you might try to clean the windows and glass around your home is to avoid cleaning your windows when the sun is shining which can cause streaks because the window cleaning solutions dry too quickly. Another window cleaning tips to avoid lint residue left behind on your windows is to use crumpled up newspaper as one of the best window cleaning ideas instead of using paper towels or cloths. You will want to avoid using newspapers for your window cleaning if you are sensitive to the inks in the newspaper. Another easy to make window cleaning solution can be made from undiluted white vinegar in a spray bottle, or use equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle.

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