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One of the most popular designs of vacuum these day is that of the Dyson. The Dyson works like magic at getting your home clean again. Vacuums do a lot of dirty work around the house, and it's easy to forget that once in a while they need a little cleaning too. It is recommended to do a thorough cleaning of your vacuum at least every six months. With this 7-step house cleaning tip and tutorial, complete with pictures, you can learn how to thoroughly clean a Dyson vacuum and diy idea to include cleaning the filters, the traps, the brush and more. To begin this house cleaning tip, you will need a washcloth, some liquid dish soap, disinfecting wipes and scissors. You will want to take a look at the site to see the full tutorial. The following are just some of the house cleaning tips you want to practice when you vacuum.

1. Vacuum in both directions. When it comes to house cleaning tips, you want to be sure and vacuum in more than one direction. If you are going in only one direction, you are not removing all of the dirt and dust. Some of the dust and dirt can hide under carpet fibers, so when you vacuum in both directions, to include north and south, east and west, you will ensure you get every last speck of dust and dirt out of your carpet.

2. Don't let your vacuum bag fill up completely. Bagged vacuums work best when they are only half-full, at most. It is recommended to always empty your vacuum bag once it is halfway full, and even more than that, otherwise it will lose efficiency. And another house cleaning tip is to never reuse your vacuum bags. This can cut efficiency by up to 50 percent.

3. Take your time when you vacuum and don't go too quickly. Take your time, be sure to vacuum slowly which will allow your vacuum to suck up more dirt and dust, and ultimately get your floors much cleaner. Slow vacuuming will allow the vacuum brush to agitate the carpet properly and to suck up all of the dirt.

4. Be sure to use the vacuum crevice tool on the room's edges. At least twice a month, you want to use the vacuum's crevice tool on the edges of the room, even if you have hardwood in the house.

5. Make sure to adjust the vacuum height. Make sure to adjust your vacuum's height when you move from carpet to floor. Some vacuums do this automatically, while others need to be adjusted. This house cleaning tip will make a huge difference in the cleanliness of your home's different surfaces.

6. Don't wait for your carpet to look too dirty. Don't wait until you can see the dirt and dust to start vacuuming the floor. Dirt and dust can pile up underneath the carpet fibers at the bottom of the rug long before you even notice it. If you leave vacuuming for too long, it can cause sneezing, sniffles and allergies to flare up. Set a regular vacuuming schedule and make sure to stick to it, even if the house doesn't look overly dirty.

7. Dust beforehand. This way you can vacuum up all of the dust that falls to the floor after dusting. This is because not all of the dust will stay on your dusting rag or cloth, and a lot will make its way to the floor. If you wait to dust after vacuuming, then your carpets and rugs will be immediately replenished with a thin layer of dust and dirt. You will find this vacuuming house cleaning tip on the Ask Anna Moseley site. **

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