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Ovens are highly-used appliances in home kitchens, and as a result, get very dirty. Anything can get on the inside of the oven, like sauces, oil splatters or batter drips, and become stuck on over the long term because of the high heat of the oven. Many people would prefer to avoid toxic cleaning products, and even should in the case of their oven and other food preparation areas. Tracey, the author of Cleverly Inspired lifestyle blog, found herself in a similar position when she had a messy oven. In her case, chemical cleaning products are not only unsafe, but also smell a lot, which isn’t something you want food preparation areas to come in contact with. She instead came up with a series of natural cleaning solutions for making her oven gleam again.

Instead of opting for a chemical cleaner, Tracey chose to use natural baking soda in combination with a few other ingredients everyone will find in their kitchen. Baking soda is one of the best non toxic cleaners because it is safe to consume and can cut through grease and grime when mixed with water or vinegar. Baking soda can also help relieve bad smells and make your home smell fresher. Tracey blends the baking soda with other ingredients to make a paste and coats the entire oven with the mixture. The baking soda cleaning mixture requires some time to do it’s magic, so you can go off to do other tasks and return later when the baking soda has begun to loosen the oven stains. Tracey also uses a lemon with some dish soap on it to rub over the oven. The lemon adds a refreshingly, clean scent to the oven.

If you have ever wondered how do I clean an oven or clean one without using unsafe chemical cleaning products, Tracey’s website will be an excellent site to visit. Along with the cleaning steps, she also provides photos of the process, and the before and after photos of the oven. It is inspiring to see how clean the oven became after employing a few natural household options. The baking soda scrub could become your everyday kitchen cleaner, ideal for sanitizing kitchen counters, wiping off dishwasher or stove surfaces, or even cleaning a microwave. In Tracey’s cleaning method, the baking soda mixture only gets scrubbed on the inside of the oven, and the oven racks are removed. If the oven racks are filthy as well, consider removing them from the oven, placing them in the kitchen sink and scrubbing with the baking soda solution.

If an oven gets maintained and cleaned thoroughly over time, the task should never become tiresome. A good way of making sure oven messes aren’t too challenging to clean up is to line the bottom of the oven with aluminum foil, especially when making dishes that splatter a lot. Thank you, Tracey, the author of Cleverly Inspired, for sharing her oven cleaning instructions with us.

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