How to Clean an Icky Keyboard

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Learn how to clean an icky keyboard from the one and only Martha Stewart, who has so much household wisdom she shares to make out lives easier. Part of keeping your home office nice and clean, is to make sure to clean your computer. Most of us use our computers everyday in this day and age. But we may not realize just how dirty our keyboards can get. Think about it, there is so much dust, hair, and even food that gets in-between the keys on the keyboard not to mention the germs from our own hands that touch the keys. Just like our phones, our computers collect a lot of germs which is one of the reasons to keep them clean, but also another reason is because you want to keep your possessions looking nice and new. Keeping dust out of your keyboard may also help the keys to function better. You may have had it happen to you before, you have eaten something at your desk and find out later that one of your keys won't press down all the way. Food crumbs can totally get stuck under your key board keys and prevent you from typing properly. So it makes sense that you would want to keep the keyboard clean so you can type with ease, not missing any letters as you type.

There are different cleaners on the market that are aimed and marketed for different cleaning jobs but you really don't need any fancy cleaning products to get the job done. Natural house cleaners are as easy as using what you already have in your kitchen cupboards. Natural cleaners you can use are the ever popular baking soda and vinegar which people have been using for years and years to clean as well as a food product. So if you know you can ingest these substances, you know you can use them safely as natural house cleaners. You can even use a solution of vinegar and water to gently wipe down your key board on your computer and the disinfecting nature of the vinegar will eradicate all of the built up germs on the key board. Using some q-tips also helps to clean the spaces in between the keys as well. Make sure you never spray water or any there liquid on your key board of course since the water can ruin the computer's electrical system. You can also use vinegar mixed with water as a natural cleaner to clean off the computer's screen to get all of the finger prints and smears off of the screen so you can see things clearly. Always remember to turn off your computer when you are cleaning it as well. This way you don't risk getting any electrical shock as well as risking pushing buttons on your computer.

With the great tips from Martha Stewart's website, you can also learn how to clean your computer tower properly and effectively. With a little bit of time and effort, your computer will be looking as good as new and maybe even experience better overall function. Martha Stewart has plenty of tips and tricks to make our lives easier and she is also a big fan of natural house cleaners. Many natural house cleaners you can make easily at home, and some you can purchase at the store as well. But when it comes to keeping your family and the environment safe and healthy, natural house cleaners are always a good choice to make. There is a nice video at the end of the article on the Martha Stewart webpage so you can follow along with the information in a video format. Enjoy trying these great cleaning tips out.*

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