How To Clean and Restore an Old Cutting Board

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We all have an old cutting board that could use a good deep cleaning. Check out this great tutorial on How To Clean and Restore an Old Cutting Board from The Wood Grain Cottage. House cleaning can be a gruelling job, but with some great house cleaning tips you can make cleaning your home a much easier job than it ever has been. Part of the thing with cleaning is having a method that works best for you. So it does take a little bit of time and practice to come to find the best way that works for you. So it helps to try a bunch of different house cleaning tips and pick the ones you like the most. Cleaning cutting boards can be tricky, but with this great tutorial you will have yourself a cutting board that feels as clean and as good as new. Cutting boards are an item in the kitchen that collects a lot of germs and bacteria. When you think of all of the different things you use a cutting board for, like cutting meat, vegetables, and other foods, its no wonder your cutting board can seem like a breeding ground for germs. All of the food particles that get stuck in the crevices of the cutting board can attract bad bacteria and cause the cutting board to smell less than appealing.

Also, when it comes to cleaning cutting boards, you should never put them in the dishwasher as being soaked in water can warp and crack the cutting board which can make the surface almost impossible to cut food on. Cutting boards should also never be soaked in water like you would do with your other dishes and kitchen tools, again, the water will cause the wood to contract and expand which will result in splitting or warping. So how do you clean your old cutting board, or a cutting board you purchased used? If you are like Shayna, the author of The Wood Grain Cottage, and love thrifting, you may even just find an old, pretty cutting board to add to your cutting board collection. Shayna admits she has somewhat of an addiction to collecting cutting boards, and she loves to find them even at thrift stores and estate sales. If you are finding an old cutting board, you want to make sure it is still in good shape and has no cracks and is nice and flat. If the knife marks are also minimal then that is great as well.

With this great tutorial, you do have to soak the top of your cutting board in some vinegar, this will disinfect the cutting board surface and remove any dirt or dust. Then all you have to do is scrub away until you get a nice, clean cutting board. You don't have to use your clean cutting board for cutting things on. You can always just use it as a serving platter to display fruit or cheeses on. So if you are looking to clean your old cutting board, try out the method from The Wood Grain Cottage.

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