How to Clean Furniture and Carpet Pet Hair

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It does not matter how good your cat or dog is at cleaning themselves they still leave their fur on your furniture and carpets. Even my cat Tibby. She loves water and going into the bathroom sink or bathtub, asks for the water to be turned on and laboriously washes herself. You would think that would do the trick but no, I still need to clean fur from the furniture and carpeting.

Here are some tips on removing the pet hair. Pet hair seems to stick to rubber quite effectively. Try using a rubber glove, and the ones with a bit of a raised grip on them have a little texture so work better than smooth ones. Just put the glove onto your hand and run it under water. Shake the excess moisture off. Just use short strokes on the furniture or the carpet and the fur will stick to the glove. This is especially good for getting into the small nooks in the furniture. A dampened sponge works quite well. Use a downward motion on the back of the furniture. You can also do either of these on your car seats.

There are tools made and sold in pet stores that have those rubber and sponge type of qualities. It would seem that rubber works with static electricity and pet hair seems to be attracted to it. Lint brushes work as well, a few rolls and it picks up the fur off the furniture.

Another trick if you use clothes-dryer fabric-softener sheets is to rub one over the pet hair. The softener in the sheets makes the hair removal easier as well.As for the carpet, rubber brooms are effective. Again, the rubber bristles are the magic workers for the job as they work with static electricity as well to attract the fur. To learn more, please visit the Cats of Australia.

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