How to clean GROSS fridge coils like a pro would !

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Don't you love finding new ways to save money and keep things clean? So does Julie from Frugally Blonde who has come up with a way to save money on electricity as well as keep her kitchen clean. Did you know that a fridge that's not running efficently can cost you at least $5 to $10 extra per month? That's quite a bit when you add it up throughout the year, so taking a bit of time every two months is totally worth it. Plus, without all of the dust behind your fridge, you'll have a cleaner home and kitchen as well. All of that accumulated dust can flare up allergies and can contaminate our home, which is especially not favourable in the kitchen where you're preparing meals. You want to keep your kitchen as clean as possible most of the time, and this is just one of the things you can do to keep dust out of your food preparation zone.

Most fridge coils will be at the back or at the bottom of the fridge, and they are a major component of how our fridges work. The refrigeration cycle begins at the compressor which pushes refrigeration vapour into the coils on the outside of the refrigerator. Then the hot gas in the coils becomes a liquid when it meets the cooler air temperature of the kitchen and cools down as it flows into the coils inside the freezer and the fridge and absorbs heat in the fridge cooling the air. Then it evaporates into a gas and goes back to the compressor, and the cycle happens all over again. So as you can guess, when the fridge coils are clogged with dust, they won't be able to release heat. That means that your compressor has to work harder and longer which uses more energy costing you more money, as well as causing your fridge to have a shorter life. The simplest cleaning tips and simple life hacks for cleaning your fridge have you use your vacuum as well as a cleaning brush. You can get one of these cleaning brushes at your local hardware store or at a vacuum speciality shop. It's a wire brush with a long handle so you can reach into all of the tough to reach spots, especially under your fridge.

To start, turn off the power to your fridge to be on the safe side. Just unplug it at the back or switch off the breaker. Then you remove the grill at the very bottom of your fridge so you can access its coils. With some help, you can also move the fridge away from the wall so you can clean the coils at the back. Then, take your vacuum with a long hose attachment and suck out any dust, dirt, hair and other debris out of the bottom of the fridge. Then, you can put the brush to work by feeding it under the fridge and moving it around to collect the dust. Pull out any of the extra dust from the fridge and vacuum it up as you go along to collect it all. Once you think you've gotten all of the dust out from under the fridge, you can attach the grill back on the front of the fridge again. Then, vacuum off the back coils as well and wipe down the sides of your fridge as well. You'll be amazed how much dust and dirt comes off of the fridge. You can also vacuum and wash the floor under your fridge while you have it pulled out as well. Enjoy this cleaning tip, and other simple life hacks from Frugally Blonde.***

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