How to clean stove top with one easy step!

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It's inevitable, grease and grime build up on our stove tops over time. When you're cooking at home seven days a week it's no wonder that a good amount of food gets stuck on the stove top. Sometimes, if it's left on there long enough, it can end up building up which can cause some staining. Especially when it's heating up and burning onto the surface. This results in a brownish film all over the stove top that can be really hard to scrub off with regular cleaning supplies. It really shows up on white stove tops too and can make the white look really dirty. Not the kind of thing you want in your kitchen where you're preparing food. So what can you do to clean these stains off your stove top? If you're like Carrie from Coupon Closet, you've probably tried everything, maybe even bleach to remove these stains. But you've probably also realized that nothing works. Don't despair; there are some simple life hacks that will help you to remove these stains and with the cleaning tips from Carrie's website you'll be well on your way to a clean stove.

If you're like many people these days, you probably prefer to use non-toxic, natural cleaners to clean your house. The good thing is, this cleaning tip uses something that's considered to be non-toxic. It turns out the best way to clean your stubborn stove stains is using a magic eraser. It turns out these things can really clean everything. Many people keep a package of these on hand for various jobs around the house, and they work on a variety of stains. Magic erasers are non-toxic, but they also shouldn't be eaten, so keep them from your pets and kids. To make your magic erasers last longer, you can cut them into smaller pieces, so you have a bunch to use for different cleaning jobs. She used magic erasers on her stove as advised by a friend and it turns out that they took the stains off almost completely. Just take your magic eraser and dip it in some water and then start scrubbing. Within 5 minutes, you'll notice the residue coming right off. You can spend more time than she did, which was only 5 minutes, and the stains will probably come off a lot better after some more time spent scrubbing them.

To buy magic erasers affordably, check Amazon. They always seem to have sales on cleaning products like this. You can also use the generic, more affordable magic erasers too. And don't forget to cut them into smaller pieces to make them last longer. It also turns out that you can make your own homemade magic erasers too if you have the time. All you need are some sponges, baking soda, a bar of castile soap like Dr Bronners or the liquid version, water, and a spray bottle. SImply grate up a bit of the castile soap bar until you have a teaspoon or a tablespoon of soap. Then, add it to your spray bottle. If you're using the liquid version, just add a teaspoon or a tablespoon to the bottle. Then mix in the warm water and 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Then swirl around until the ingredients dissolve into the water. Then, as you need to use them, take out a clean sponge and spray it well with the cleaning solution in the spray bottle and scrub as you would with a regular magic eraser. You can also use this cleaner right on surfaces too. Try out these cleaning tips and simple life hacks for a cleaner home.***

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