How to Clean Your Floors: Believe It or Not, There's a Right Way to Mop!

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It's always important to have good household cleaning tips handy when it comes to cleaning your home. Has it ever occurred to you while mopping the floor what if there might be a better way of cleaning it or maybe if we were all doing it wrong? Wouldn't it be a wonderful idea to come home to an extra squeaky clean floor? Mopping floors may not be the most exciting task to do, but it sure does make a difference to your home when your floors look extra shiny and clean. Check out this cleaning tutorial on How to Clean your floors which might become your ideal cleaning routine. You'll be impressed to know how much of the extra dirt can come off the floor just by mopping it the right way. It doesn't matter what type of floors your home has and with these cleaning tips, you can pretty much get them to look perfectly shiny and clean. The cleaning tutorial will show you how to follow certain steps to ensure that you get the maximum results.

Always remember while cleaning anything, let the cleaner soak up all the dirt before you begin cleaning to achieve the maximum results. Not using enough cleanser is never going to give the desired results. The key is to use the cleanser liberally rather than sparingly. If possible, try to stick to using floor cleaning products preferably eco-friendly cleaning supplies that are sold in the market today. A lot of floor cleaning products these days have potentially harmful cleaning chemicals that can be cancerous. The International Fragrance Association acknowledges that the fragrances added to cleaners may contain more than 3,000 different chemical ingredients to make the cleaners smell good. While some chemicals are harmless, others such as linalool and eugenol are notorious for causing allergies. Earth Friendly is a popular brand that manufactures eco-friendly cleaning supplies that do not contain any harmful chemicals and are baby friendly as well.

It's also a good idea to replace your old mop now and then because sometimes the fibers may have bacteria if it has been around for too long. Mops with detachable cleaning head are practical to use and easy to clean after use as well. For cleaning the mop after use, soak it in warm water with chlorine bleach to help it clean thoroughly. Letting it dry completely after washing is important as well! Don’t let the mop stay downwards in the bucket. Instead, leave it somewhere airy and dry so that it is available for the next use. If possible let it dry in the sun for disinfecting it the natural way. Never use the same mop for the toilet floors and kitchen floor. It is always the best idea to have two separate mops for each floor.

Thank you to Courtenay at the The Creek Line House site for sharing the best floor cleaning tips and tricks. These cleaning tips are surely helpful for a clean floor. Bring home the clean floors!

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