How to Clean your Hardwood Floors

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A big part of cleaning our homes is washing our floors. Here is a great tutorial from Better Homes and Gardens on How to Clean your Hardwood Floors. The floors in our houses really take a beating. We are always walking on them, dropping things on them, sliding furniture across them and the list goes on. So much dust and hair accumulates on our floors as well as dirt and spills and if you want your floors to be in good condition, you need to make sure that you clean them well. There are different kinds of flooring you can choose from when it comes to providing the floor for your home. You can choose laminate, vinyl, concrete, tile, bamboo, cork and even carpet. Hardwood seems to be a very popular choice when it comes to adding flooring into your home because it is really durable and can put up with all of the activity in a busy household. Hardwood floors will last years when they are taken care of well, and when you know how to treat them properly. Hardwoods are woods that come from trees like the maple tree, oak tree, pine tree and there are also many exotic trees hardwood floor can be made from like acacia. The hardwood floors are bought either pretreated or ready to be stained and finished, usually you can get someone to install them for you or you can learn how to install them yourself with some help. Once the hardwood floors are installed they look beautiful. But how do you keep them looking as good as new?

Many times the company selling you your hardwood flooring will tell you how to take care and maintain your beautiful hardwood floors, but its great to try out different ways like this method from the Better Homes and Gardens website. On the website you will find a video explaining how to clean your hardwood floors properly with natural cleaners that won't ruin your hardwood finish, or bring chemicals into your home. When you have kids and pets who play on the floor a lot, you want to use the most natural cleaners you can find so that they don't end up getting sick from the ingredients.

The Better Homes and Gardens says that just plain old water will do, but some people like to add in some white vinegar to the warm water for its disinfecting properties. When you are floor mopping, it is important to go with the grain of the floor so you get a nice, streak free result when you are all finished. Also, when you are floor mopping, be sure not to use a really wet mop, as this could cause water marks on the floors. There are some floor cleaning products out there on the market that are aimed specifically toward hardwood floors and you can try them out if you like, but you don't have to waste your money on floor cleaning products if you just want to keep it simple and use plain old vinegar and water.

The Better Homes and Gardens website also has some great tips on how to get marks and scuffs out of our hardwood floor and how to make it look good again. As well as how to get out water stains which happens when the water gets trapped under the layer of shellac or varnish that seals the hardwood floor. Try out some of their great tips for hardwood floor cleaning and see how they work for you. Simple is always better so keeping your cleaning routine simple will make it easier and more pleasant for you to do often.*

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