How to Clean Your Moldy Water Bottle

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Moldy water bottles!!! UGGGG. You just as quickly think you will have to toss them as there certainly cannot be a way to get that mold out! Or is there? We are featuring a great article on just this subject and yes it can be cleaned.

How many water bottles to you own? Let us face it, they are as common as anything now. Water bottles come in all shapes, colors and sizes. There are designer bottles, bottles with special lids for easier drinking when you are doing sports and water bottles made from all kinds of plastic materials. There are bottles that fit into your bike rack, bottles that fit the lunch buckets. There are these great back packs that have the plastic bag bottle fitted inside that is super convenient if you are doing sports such as rock climbing or hiking and don't want to carry it in your hands.No doubt, you put more than water in that bottle. Likely you put milk, juices, teas and a variety of other drinks. Milk is one that is quick to make the bottle smell, especially if it sits overnight!

There is a method that works when there is mold in the bottle. You need to use warm with a little bit of bleach, perhaps a teaspoon or so and let it sit for 10 minutes or so. Please don't panic with the use of this bleach as bleach has been used for decades for cleaning dishes. Bleach kills bacteria. The thing is you must be sure that you rinse the water bottle very well afterwards.

Once it sits, you can use a brush that will fit into the bottle to scrub the mold off. A toothbrush or narrow kitchen wash brush works. Next, rinse it out very well and put a tablespoon of baking soda into the bottle. Fill with hot water and let the bottle sit for at least 12 hours, (overnight). The baking soda will remove any bad tastes from the bottle. Next wash the bottle again with soapy dish water. Drain the water out and let the bottle dry out completely in the sunlight or on the countertop.

Keep in mind, this type of drastic cleaning is for those occasions when you want to salvage the bottle from the mold that is inside. This is not how you would need to clean it on a regular basis.

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