How to Get Kool-Aid Out of White Carpet

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Do you know How to Get Kool-Aid Out of White Carpet? Don’t buy white, ever, you advise (LOL)? Okay, that might be a solution, but if you are beyond the “don’t be foolish enough to buy it” stage, what then? This solution may make you brave enough to bring white carpet in to the house, if only in some areas. Let’s admit it, we all want a perfectly white room that is perfectly arranged with flowers and that doesn’t smell of dogs, kids and gym shoes (sigh). It is never likely to happen (at least, not in my house) but a white carpet in a bedroom could be a possibility.

There are a few supplies you could consider to keep in your kitchen under the sink or in whatever cupboard you use for cleaning materials. These supplies may make your cleaning nightmares a bit easier to deal with. Ingredients include sponges, cloths, and so on, but they also include baking soda, vinegar (the cheapest you can buy), and large granulated salt, like kosher salt. These supplies are super cheap, and not toxic. They can be used for general cleaning, added to the wash (vinegar) to make it whiter and brighter, used to scrub stains and, in this case, remove Kool-Aid from the carpet.

Kool-Aid comes in such amazing colors. It is a delicious and inexpensive drink to give your kids on a hot summer’s day, and they love to drink it, singing the Kool-Aid song. Who could not allow them to drink it? Still, when it spills we can go a little mad worrying about how to get that stain up. This site offers a couple of really good options that will stand you in good stead when you find a beautiful red cherry batch falling (always in slow-mo) to the floor. Now you don’t have to worry, though, as these methods will have your carpet back in ship shape in no time, and you considering white for your next renovation.Find out more at the website, eHow, by following the link below.

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