How to get rid of black mold in your shower caulking

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If you've happened upon some mould in your home, you most likely want to learn how to remove mold. While finding a small amount of mould isn't anything to get too concerned about, it's still something you want to take care of and get rid of right away. Black mould that's spread throughout your home, on the other hand, is a major issue and needs to be dealt with, sometimes with extreme measures like hiring professional cleaners. The reason black mould is such a concern is because it can actually be quite toxic to the human body. Constantly breathing in the black mould spores can cause major and minor health issues such as problems breathing and migraine headaches as well as lowered immune response. There have also been accounts of feeling constantly ill, foggy, dizzy and lightheaded because the spores affect the nervous system. That's why it's a good idea to learn how to remove mould and to get rid of it at first sight of even the smallest amount. You can also prevent mould from Infesting your house too. Mould loves a nice, dark, warm and moist area, which is why the shower caulking is the perfect place for mould to invade. So you want to keep your home quite dry. So running a fan while you're showering is a must to remove all of the extra humidity from the air.

You can also buy a dehumidifier and run it every day or on especially humid days. But if you already have a mould infestation, you should probably hire a professional to clean it all out for you. You can try cleaning the mould yourself by using white distilled vinegar on it which will kill the mould and stop it from spreading. You can also try some bleach if you're okay using chemical cleaners in your home. These cleaning tips might not get rid of it all if there is a serious overgrowth of it, which is why hiring a professional will be the best idea. For smaller mould issues, you can pretty much take care of it yourself with no problem. For example, it's pretty normal to find mould in your shower or bathtub area on the caulking. The shower and bathroom, in general, is the perfect environment for mould. It's humid, warm, damp and usually dark unless you're in there. If you have some mould growing on your shower caulking, the first instinct would be to remove the caulking and the tile or plastic and redo it. But if you are just renting, you won't want to do this so here are some cleaning tips that will teach you how to remove mould from your shower and bathtub area.

Use some bleach in some water to make the perfect mould killing solution. Remember to use gloves and a mask when working with bleach since it is pretty potent stuff. Just mix a small amount of bleach into some water and then use some cotton balls to soak up some of the mixtures. Then take the saturated cotton balls and place them all along the caulking where you have found mould. They should even stick to the corners of the walls as well. Then once you have the bleach soaked cotton balls in place, leave them there for 4 hours. Make sure you leave your bathroom fan on while it sits too. Then, when time is up, remove a few of the cotton balls to see if the mould is there or gone. If it's still there, you can leave it for longer. If it's gone, then you can scrub the area with a used toothbrush and rinse it all off. Just stay on top of it from then on, and you should be able to keep your bathroom mould free.***

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