How to get rid of fleas and their eggs naturally

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If you have a pet dog or cat, there’s a chance you might also have a lot of fleas roaming around your house. If that’s the case, you’ll want to eradicate these parasites as quickly and easily as possible without having to resort to heavy-duty chemicals. How do you get rid of fleas and their eggs naturally? Here are a few helpful tips for deep cleaning your home and making it parasite free.

If you don’t know whether you have fleas or not, there are a few different ways you can check. The obvious signs for your dog or cat are excessive itchiness, scratching, biting, and all-around irritability. If you check your pet’s skin by parting the fur and taking a good look, you might even see a flea or feel a few of their eggs. A flea comb, which has been especially designed for detecting fleas, can also help with this. You’ll also want to check your pets’ favourite sleeping spots, including the bed, sofa, or floor. To check for fleas in your home, you can do something called the white sock test. Put on white knee socks and pull them up as far as they’ll go. Walk around your house, focusing on carpeted areas. Fleas will appear as black or brown dots as they jump up onto the socks for warmth. You can also check for flea droppings, which are tiny black grains resembling pepper. If you find an area with suspected flea droppings, moisten a white towel and press it on top. When the flea droppings dissolve, they’ll create small red streaks. If it’s mere dirt, then the streaks will be brown or black or colourless. Finally, you can also create a flea trap by filling a small bowl with warm water and a few drops of dish detergent, creating a light soapy mixture. Set the bowl on your carpet and use the lamp to shine the light on it. The moisture, warmth, and light will attract any resident fleas, and they will jump towards the light – but end up in the water, creating evidence as to whether or not your home has fleas.

Once you know you have fleas, you can follow the next steps. Remember it’s important to fight fleas as naturally as possible. You don’t want to use chemicals that can potentially harm your pets, too. When cleaning your house to rid it from fleas naturally, here’s what you can do:

First, clean your pet to nip the fleas in the bud. Feeding your dog or cat small amounts of garlic or a few drops of garlic oil mixed into the food each day can help. Apple cider vinegar also works well – simply add a teaspoon to their drinking water or favourite food each day. A healthy ph balance will help keep the parasites at bay, and apple cider vinegar can help with this. You can also make a pet spray by mixing half and half apple cider vinegar and water and gently spraying your dog or cat. Dogs may tolerate this better than cats – in which case, you can moisten a cloth in the mixture and gently rub down his or her coat. You can also spritz their favourite brush or comb with the mix and thoroughly groom your pet. The apple cider vinegar will also have the added benefit of making their coat clean and shiny.

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