How to get the yucky pee smell out of your bathroom

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Cleaning the bathroom is never a favorite job when it comes to things to do around the house. And there is nothing quite as bad, as cleaning the washroom only to have that yucky pee smell still lingering. That is why you can never have too many bathroom cleaning hacks and house cleaning tips when it comes to this room in the house. To start cleaning that bathroom you want to make sure you flush your toilet first so that you are using fresh, new water to clean. Even though there might not appear to be anything in the toilet, it is still a good idea to flush it and use new water because over time small amounts of residue or dust particles can sit on the surface. To clean the toilet bowl, you'll want to pour one cup of liquid bleach inside. Use a glove, and then take a cleaning sponge and clean the toilet bowl inside and out, while scrubbing as best as you can. Then, lift the tank of your toilet and try to see if there are any smells inside. If it still smells, take some white vinegar and then pour it into the tank. Make sure you are wearing a pair of rubber gloves, and use a coarse scrub brush so that you can clean all of the walls of the toilet tank. When you are finished, flush the toilet.

For this house cleaning tip, you want to make sure and clean around the base of the toilet. This is because pee can build up around the bottom of the toilet, and it will retain the smell or the urine for a long time, even if the rest of your toilet bowl is clean. Also, you want to be sure and clean the walls in the bathroom and all of the molding. This is especially helpful for the bathroom walls behind or next to the toilet because urine can stick to the walls and run down (especially if you have young boys who live in the house). If you have a bathroom rug that is at the foot of your toilet or close by, you want to make sure and wash it. That might also be a reason your bathroom is still smelling like pee. To make sure you got all of the pee out of the bathroom, use a black light in your bathroom. The black light will help you see any pee that might still be there. You can also use the black light at the beginning of your cleaning to see the areas you need to focus on.

When using liquid bleach, you want to be sure and use in a well-ventilated area. If you find that your eyes are watering, you are using too much liquid bleach. If your skin is peeling, then you should have worn some rubber gloves, or you might be using too much liquid bleach. If you use hot water, rather than warm water, the chlorine gas can be released, and this isn’t recommended. Never mix liquid bleach with other household chemicals such as vinegar or ammonia, as both can cause dangerous chemical reactions. Always remember that there is a difference between clean, sterile and sanitary, your living room is not a hospital operating room and sanitary is good enough. If no one in the house has a compromised immune system, some exposure to germs is actually a good thing.

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