How to Make No-Churn Ice Cream

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If you love ice cream, but can’t make an effort to make it yourself because you don’t have an ice cream maker or have a limited amount of time, this no-churn ice cream recipe will blow your mind. This ice cream recipe involves just five ingredients in its simplest form, and it only takes moments to mix before popping in the freezer. While the mixture will require a few hours to freeze, it is good to know that the hands-on time is very minimal. Allie, the author of the Baking A Moment recipe blog, came up with this no-churn ice cream recipe after she had realized she loved it almost as much as traditionally slow churned ice cream. Slow churned ice cream starts with an egg custard base, which gets chilled in the refrigerator before being churned in an ice cream maker. The ice cream maker helps alleviate the forming of ice crystals, which would occur if you stuck the mixture in the freezer rather than churning. Due to the high-fat content of this particular ice cream recipe, the mixture won’t form ice crystals in the freezer though. All you will need is a mixer and loaf pan to obtain the dreamiest textured ice cream ever.

Although you may want to scour your collection of other dessert recipes when feeding a crowd, this no-churn vanilla ice cream would be a lovely addition to a nice dinner on its own or as an accompaniment to fruit crumbles and pies. As Allie notes, this ice cream is incredibly versatile to the point you can add your favourite ingredients to the mixture. Consider adding chopped cookies, brownies, jam or chocolate chips to your batch of ice cream. You could even swirl in some homemade caramel sauce for a rippled effect. Once you get very good at making homemade ice cream, you can even start making your own ice cream desserts, like an ice cream cake recipe. The process of making ice cream cake involves a firm crust of some sort, like graham cracker crust, and then topping it with layers of softened ice cream. A springform pan lined with plastic wrap is an excellent tool for making a uniform cake. You can even create a multi-layered ice cream cake with different kinds of ice cream by spreading a portion of one kind of softened ice cream and freezing it, before adding the consecutive layers.

The secret to the best-flavoured ice cream is using quality ingredients. Allie opts for a combination of vanilla extract and vanilla bean seeds to flavour her ice cream recipe, making it a devoutly vanilla tasting dessert. Vanilla beans are the seed pods from an orchid flower, and they have a smooth dark brown skin that you can cut into to reveal the tiny black seeds inside. While these can be expensive, they add a punch of vanilla taste that is hard to achieve with just the extract alone. Don’t throw away the pods either; save them to add to simmering rice pudding recipes, vanilla pudding or custard. They can be discarded after they impart their flavour to various dessert mixtures.

This is among the best dessert recipes ever for summer entertaining because it is so easy and refreshing. Serve scoops of this smooth, frozen cream with fresh summer berries or in-season peaches. When the autumn arrives, you will still be wanting to pop batches of this in the freezer for all the baked apple and pear desserts. Thank you to Allie, the author of Baking A Moment recipe blog, for sharing their no-churn ice cream recipe with us.

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