How to rid your bathroom of Boy bathroom smell

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These house cleaning tips are sure to be helpful for people who live with boys, or for anyone who can't figure out where that lingering smell in the bathroom is coming from. If you share your home with one or more young boys, then you are most likely familiar with the odor coming from your bathroom also known as boy bathroom smell. That is because usually when you have boys in your home, even if you clean your toilets every day, your bathroom may still smell like you haven't cleaned in months. The reason for this, of course, it that just as quickly as you clean, the boys are using the bathroom behind you, and with that, it's a never-ending task of cleaning.

Thankfully, there is a way to help combat that bathroom smell, and the best part is that it is easy and requires no expensive toxic ingredients. Better yet you probably already have everything you need on hand. For this house cleaning tip, you will need lemon juice, baking soda, and white vinegar. It's important to note that you don't want to use lemon juice on hardwood floors. To make this natural cleaner for the bathroom, you can make a thick paste out of baking soda and lemon juice. Then using a damp cloth, spread the natural cleaner paste around the base of your toilet. Then wipe the mixture all over the toilet, and onto the top and underneath the toilet seat. Then let the non-toxic cleaner dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Place some white vinegar in an empty, clean spray bottle and spray the vinegar everywhere that you applied the baking soda paste. The white vinegar will then react with the baking soda mixture, and it will start to fizz up. When the baking soda and vinegar mixture is finished fizzing wipe all around the toilet with a clean damp rag. If you have any hard to reach areas, such as around where the lid is attached to the toilet, then try using an old toothbrush and vinegar to get it really clean. It is a good idea to every so often to completely remove the seat, as urine can get underneath the seat, and that can also be the cause of the smell. Hopefully, once you get this area of the toilet really clean, you won't have to clean it every time.

One of the reasons that the bathroom smell can often be so difficult to get rid of is because of the boys, often miss the toilet in the middle of the night, and they may not have the best aim. This may cause urine to get sprayed all over the side of your bathroom cupboard, the toilet paper roll, the wall, the garbage can, or anywhere else near the toilet. Yes, even the shower curtain may need to be washed occasionally. When you clean the toilet, you want to make sure to clean any areas that are near the toilet. If you have a fabric cover on your toilet seat and a floor mat, make sure to wash those too when you clean the toilet. Unfortunately, even you use this cleaning method, you will need to do a thorough cleaning a minimum of once a week, possibly twice. It is always nice when you clean the bathroom, and it smells clean and fresh afterwards, even if it is only for a moment. Hopefully, if you live with young boys, you have a separate bathroom that the guests can use.

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