How to safely remove stickers from your windows

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Removing stickers from any household item is a challenging feat, but when it comes to the windows in your home, you definitely want to get them off without causing damage, because windows are expensive and a nuisance to replace. If you have kids who put stickers on the window, you may be wondering exactly what process of window cleaning you should undergo to remove the stickers. In most cases, even once you remove the stickers a sticky product is left on the windows after the fact. Jamison, the author of Medium lifestyle blog, has several cleaning tips for removing the stickers from your windows, including their backing, which will come off with little effort on your part and without damaging the windows. His cleaning process involves a series of natural cleaning products, which you may already have in your home, which means you can get onto following his tips today.

One of the first natural cleaning solutions Jamison recommends for removing stickers from windows is vegetable oil, which is a cooking oil that most people use. If you don’t have vegetable oil, however, you can substitute with olive oil or peanut oil, which are subtle smelling oils. Whatever you do, don’t use sesame oil since it has an overbearing scent. First, Jamison instructs to attempt to remove the sticker from the window so that the paper is exposed underneath. You can soak the paper with the vegetable oil for up to an hour, which will make the sticker come off easier. If the sticker is particularly stubborn, you could apply more oil and allow it to soak for longer. Once the sticker is removed, you can use your favourite window cleaner to polish up the window. Cleaning with oil may seem odd, but it is particularly beneficial in the case of stickers.

Despite the fact that Jamison recommends all eco friendly cleaners, he still suggests that you protect the window sill from drips from the chosen cleaning product. This is because it will prevent you from having to clean the window sill afterwards, and also because different products can be damaging to wood if left on for a long time. A good way to protect windowsills during window cleaning would be to line the sill with newspaper and fasten it into place with painter’s tape or masking tape, as Jamison suggests. Once you are finished cleaning, you can simply remove the newspaper and toss it into the recycling bin. Another product suggestion for cleaning stickers from windows is rubbing alcohol, which may be in your medicine cabinet already. The process for using the alcohol will be a little different from using the oil. It involves thoroughly soaking the sticker with the rubbing alcohol and using a stainless-steel blade to remove the sticker remnants. A wallpaper scraper may work for this if you are extremely gentle, as you don’t want to scratch the window. Alternatively, a plastic bench scraper used for baking may work even better and can be purchased at baking specialty shops, and sometimes, grocery stores.

If you have ever had the ill fortune of having stickers on your windows, you will love Jamison’s article using natural cleaning products that are accessible in most households. The steps are relatively hands-off where you are required to let the spot soak for awhile before scraping the sticker off easily. This task won’t be anywhere near as frustrating as it could be using Jamison’s ingenious recommendations because the stickers shouldn’t require a lot of scrubbing. Thank you to Jamison, the author of Medium lifestyle blog, for sharing his steps on how to safely remove stickers from windows.

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