How to Use Dryer Sheets

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You will love these house cleaning tips and tricks on How to Use Dryer Sheets. You might only think of using dryer sheets in the dryer, but these nice smelling laundry essentials also work well at making other things besides your laundry smell good. You probably already know that fabric softener sheets are a life hack that works wonders at getting rid of staticky hair, but that's not all they're good for. You can use dryer sheets for all sorts of house cleaning tips and tricks that you will love. You can never have too many household cleaning tips and ideas, and these fun house cleaning tips will have you never looking at dryer sheets the same way again.

For starters, this household cleaning tips will leave your shower door sparkling. Instead of using toxic cleaners you can use a damp, used dryer sheet to remove hard water stains and soap scum in the shower. This bathroom cleaning house tips will have your glass shower door looking and smelling like new. Another of the house cleaning tips and tricks you can use dryer sheets for is as dusters that you can use to pick up dust off of your television screen, computer screen, and fan blades. Dryer sheets used for house cleaning tips and tricks even work great on dusting base boards and keeping dust off of them too. Another of the house cleaning tips you can use dryer sheets for is when travelling you can put a couple in your suitcase so your clothes will smell fresh the whole trip. Or you can use dryer sheets in your stinky gym bag to absorb the smells of your sweaty gym clothing. There are so many great household cleaning tips you can do with these inexpensive sheets.

Other house cleaning tips and tricks include using dryer sheets to prevent tangles in your thread while sewing. Use a dryer sheet by running your threaded needle through a dryer sheet before you start stitching to avoid knots and the frustration that comes with them. You can also use dryer sheets for this kitchen house cleaning tips for saving a burnt pan. Instead of using a scouring pad you can try this cleaning house tips by filling the pan with warm water and then laying a new dryer sheet flat on top to soak overnight. In the morning, the baked-on gunk in the burnt pan will have either floated off or be loose enough to scrape off with a spatula. Another great house cleaning tips and tricks for dryer sheets is to use them for picking up spills. The reason dryer sheets work for spills is that the same static absorbing qualities that make dryer sheets great dusters make them perfect for picking up spilt powder. So when you accidentally knock over that bag of flour try using dryer sheets for a house cleaning tips. By using dryer sheets for some of this house cleaning tips and tricks and household cleaning tips you get double duty with these double duty sheets.

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